May 13, 2009

Hot to tote: I Nuovi Cream blushes, the PERFECT blush on the go!

"Perfect" may seem a little over the top, but I promise I cannot rave enough about these little tubes of joy. They have single-handedly ended my quest for the "perfect-on-the-go" blush, and helped sooth the wounds of my failure with Etude House's Peach Cheek Blush. (It's gone to a better place where it is more appreciated!)

But it's a CREAM blush, you screech in harpy-tones. How can anyone use it during the day? Won't it combine with powder to form pinky icing? Well here's the glory of this blush. It's a magical formula (I suspect silicone - but so far no breakouts!) that can be used over freshly applied powder. I kid you not! Unlike most cream blushes, these feel dry (not sticky!) and smooth out easily with the lightest of touches.

When you plan to tote something around, packaging is important. And these tubes are nice and sturdy - highly unlikely to rupture and go boom in your bag. Also although they pack 10g of product they're not in the least bulky - about the size and shape of a chubby tube of gloss.

They have lip-gloss like openings, the slanted tip really is rather pointless, but the nice small hole makes for easy control. Also, the dry and non-oozy texture of the blush makes it easy to control. Which is good. Since you only need the smidgiest of smidges.

See that below? That's too much for both cheeks. It has to be smidgier. (Yes I invented new tenses. Blogger's license!)

I own the blushes in two shades: Urbanista (top swatch) is a neutral-based pink that goes with just about any look, and Dolly a fresh coral shade that goes well with warmer looks and imparts a really lovely glow. I received Urbanista (to my squealy delight) in the gift-bag each of us received at the I Nuovi blogger event, and I bought Dolly recently thanks to Connie's temptation inspiring review at 40% off during the sale.

The top swatch is Urabanista and the bottom one is Dolly. As you can see they have a faint sheen - not quite a shimmer - but it makes for a lovely glowy look.

And oh I should add that the blushes are scented with Lavender - which I love, but if you dislike the scent you may not dig these blushes. It is quite noticeable when you're applying it - but fades quickly.

As mentioned earlier you can use this over powder, or liquid foundation, or just about anything! The formula spreads so easily that you don't have to rub it out and muss your base makeup.

And just as proof, here's me sporting Dolly applied immediately after a dusting of MAC blot.

You really do need a tiny amount. I just touch my finger to the opening, give the tube a little squeeze until the product touches my finger. That dot is really all you need. If you want more pinky-goodness, just go back for another round.

Even if you over-apply don't worry it won't give you clown cheeks. Take the time to blend it out, dust powder over and you'll just be a tad glowier than usual.

Each blush retails at RM60 each. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase, simply because with the tiny amount needed I don't think I'll ever see the end of a tube. But at present they are both must-haves in my purse.


prettybeautiful said...

yo em, hahaha i remember how much u loved it during the testing itself. i kinda regretted for not getting more stuff with the 40% sale. gosh.

Askmewhats said...

wow! thanks for this, gosh, I wish we have this brand here, do you know that I am required to buy a cream blush for makeup school? and here's your post! showing me the greatness of cream blushes :)

plue said...

yay! me likey this too, i just wish it came out with more colours :P

Kahani said...

prettyB: Lookout for the next one then. =)

Nikki: i Nuovi's cream blushes really aren't like any other i have though.

Plue: I'm happy with these two. If they release more I will be bankrupt!

Saito Florence said...

Hi, can you compare with SN cream blushes?In terms of lasting?Which one do u actually prefer?Thanks


Kahani said...

Hi Florence, I think I prefer I Nuovi's cream blushes simply because they last longer, they're easier to use, and can be used to touch up.

In colour though I do prefer SN's blush in Loverly - but I may be biased because of the name.

Saito Florence said...

Thanks Kahani.I am still thinking whether want to try out SN cream blush.

Paris B said...

I can't apply urbanite except with a skunk brush. 2 times I tried with fingers, it was Hello Bozo the Clown! :P But I agree - its a gorgeous color.

Connie De Alwis said...

LOVEEEEEE the cheek blush. it's really something special. Like PB, I use it with a skunk brush simply because it looks more blended. This is coming with me to Penang! yay! :D I should try the Urbanista... I was afraid that it'd look too pink :-/ Dolly is perfect on me :D