May 26, 2009

Warehouse Sales and Promotions Alert!

It's raining warehouse sales! My poor pocket... I vill be stronk! I vill NOT go! *sings I vill not be moved* But temptation shared is temptation doubled soooo...

27-30 May: Metrojaya Branded Cosmetics and Fragrances Promotion

28-30 May: Kose Warehouse Sale

29-30 May: Kanebo Warehouse Sale

12-13 June: Fragrance Warehouse Clearance

22 May - 14 June: The Body Shop Sale

21 May - 21 June: Watson's Mid-Year Sale


plue said...

honey, i am not going to those warehouse sales either!!!

must stop hauling!

petra said...

Keeping the economy going and jobs intact ;)

Kahani said...

*holds plue's hand*

Veeeee villl nooottt beee mooovvvveedd!

Eli said...

Don't cross the picket line.