May 27, 2009

Quick and easy natural French Mani for short nails

This French manicure only took me 30 minutes, including drying time. No muss, no fuss, and only a slight difficulty in doing the right hand with the left. Some practice and I can probably knock the time down to 20 mins!

This really is only for pretty short nails as it gets a whole lot tougher once your nails are longer. You will need:

Etude White Mini French - RM7.90
The Face Shop Pink Base Coat - RM10.90
The Face Shop Top Coat - RM10.90


1. Etude House's French White has a very thin brush that makes it perfect for quickly and easily painting a very thin line. Not so good once the line gets thicker. So on your short nails, paint a thin line over your nail tips. Let dry.

2.Paint two coats of the pink base coat. Letting nails dry thoroughly between coats.

3.Paint one layer of the top coat. Let dry and flaunt your French nails!

4.If you paint another layer of top coat after 3 days the nails should last the week. More coats make your nails blue though.

More tips

Have trouble sitting still while your nails a drying? Paint while watching TV! I always do. :)

For more even layers without bubbles make sure the fan is off. Air cond is ok, but fan is a killer.

Using only the base coat is a good way to give your nails a break while still keeping them pretty. It's gentler on nails than nail polish.


Connie De Alwis said...

thanks for this! I'll be able to do my left hand and not my right though >.< still so sucky with nailpolish

Askmewhats said...

that is a very nice French Tip for short nails! you've done an awesome job!

prettybeautiful said...

LOL. totally nail day for all. i have also posted french mani! ehehhe btw, how did u manage to follow the curve and draw such thin line? i also must go check out the EH polish later

Kahani said...

Connie: Then make sure your perfect hand is ABSOLUTELY dry before you paint the right hand.

Nikki: Aww thanks babe, it means a lot coming from a nail expert like yerself. =)

PrettyB: That's the secret of this Etude House nailpolish. It's great for painting THIN lines. Not so good with thicker ones.

Jenn said...

Eh it sounds really easy!! Maybe i should give it a whirl! Hopefully a nail idiot like me can do this too!! XD

Eli said...

*high fives Jenn* I am a nail dodo too! Will keep this in mind when I get back.

Natural Cosmetics said...

I like to go for French manicure. These seem to be quite easy and quick steps to get a great French manicure. I would also like to try it out. :D