June 25, 2009

Beneft Cosmetics Warehouse Sale - Insider Peek

Here's how much I love you ladies. I just got back from the Benefit Warehouse Sale and this is all I can remember. Bear in mind that I'm working from memory here, so there may be mistakes. Also that I was there when they threw open the doors, so not everything I mention will be available:

Cream Shadows - 2 for RM50
Shades I remember: Busy Signal, Stiletto, Get Figgy, Marry Up, Towne Car (this is the matte black I was talking about in my previous post, not Taxi Cab, will correct when I have more time), Sippin' n' dippin', Bunny Hop. There was NO Skinny Jeans or Strut
UPDATE: Just remembered Gossip and My Date's My Brother

Powder shadows (round ones) - 2 for RM40

Lust Dusts - 2 for RM49

Boxes of Powder - RM55 each
Shades (this I remember): Hoola, Dallas, Georgia, and Ten. Nothing else.

Lip glosses - RM20 each
Shades I remember: Very poor selection, more IT Glosses. Her glossiness only in a dark plum shade.

Lip Sticks - 2 for RM50 (CORRECTED!)
Shades I remember: LOTS Too many! I bought Born Ready & Flirt Alert. I remember the bridal collection (marry up was there I think) and quite a few darker shades.

Benetint Lip Balm - RM49

Bum Ready, Jiggy Gel - RM60

You Rebel -RM30

Spotted but cannot recall price or shades:
Get Even in Dark (Remembered that one)
Rush Hour
B-Spot Fragrance

Not available:
Benetint or Posietint
Hello Flawless
New glosses, shadows, highlighter

Hope that helps ladies. If it's not mentioned it means I really don't know if it's there or not. And the room is terribly small btw, and the queue was long. Decide for yourselves if it's worth it. I'm pretty happy =D


Paris B said...

Wohoo! Thanks for the update! The only thing that struck me are the lipsticks - great deal :)

Meldee said...

Dieeeee. Now I want to hit it up now and take a super-early lunch break.

Jenn said...

OMG!! The lipsticks and box o powders are going at a steal!!! I wanna goooooo!!! T_T

Faster show your loots! :D

Kahani said...

PB They areee! Lots and LOTS of lipsticks too.

Meldee: Well.. you has no boss... soooooo

Jenn: Tonight I take piccies! you sure you want me to show off my loots? I always feel like I"m rubbing it in that I got there first...

Ouidad said...

This is a great find! Thanks!
Linda for Ouidad

plue said...

OMG! They have Ten! And at Rm55! yeeee! so cheap!

and the lippies! Wat a steal!

Kahani said...

Ouidad: Thanks

Plue: someone's sneaking out of work early and RUNNING to Menara Millenium isn't she?

@DdY said...

The powders are 50% off but my sister said they're not there!Either she does not understand what I asked her to buy earlier or the powders really are gone. I really want them.*sob sob*

prettybeautiful said...

im both sad and happy. sad - couldnt go

happy- no damage

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. so that was you standing behind me( I was in sport attire!) while we were queueing to get in!! I thought you look really familiar and i almost wanted to ask if u were kahani! XD !!

i only got lemonaid n R.V.S.P ! =P so few glosses compared to last year! >=[

Kahani said...

ah hah! YOu're the one who looked like she recognised me. Go ahead. The worst you'd get is an odd look from someone who isn't me.

I'm so friendly I worry my parents. ;)

Connie De Alwis said...

wish I could've been there! thanks for the info an help, Em :D I'm going tomorrow to pick up some carcasses :p

Anonymous said...

haha!! sorry for the rude stare! =P

Kahani said...

Connie: Do let me know whatcha get!

Miss Hazel: No worries babe, just say 'hi' next time. =D