June 25, 2009

Review: Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara

You know those products which have a spot on your shelf for so long, you cease to realise it’s there and just automatically reach out for it? Bingo. That’s Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft Mascara for me. It has been a staple in my makeup bag ever since I hit Australia and I love it.

Let’s get the formalities out of the way before I do my gaga thing.

This stuff comes in two colours – Brownish Black and Very Black – and two formulas, waterproof and non-waterproof. The normal retail price is AUD 16.95 but I can usually get it on sale from Kmart for less than AUD 12. If it hasn’t sold out by then, that is. It sells out amazingly fast come sales period.

If you look this up on MUA, the jury is split over the waterproof and non-waterproof versions. Some like one more than the other, some claim that there isn’t a difference, others hate both. Me? I have only used the waterproof version and I lurve it.

True to its name, Full N’ Soft really does leave my lashes looking incredibly full and soft to the touch. Amazing as most waterproof formulas feel a little heavy and stiff on me. All I need is just one coat and tada! Beautifully defined lashes without looking overdone. Another two coats gives me fluttery eyelashes worthy of Bambi without the fuss of falsies.

When you first open this, the formula is pretty watery and liable to clump but happily, the texture improves after a week to reveal pretty, clump-free lashes.

Another wonderful thing I have discovered about this mascara is that it gives me the exact same results as DiorShow Iconic. I applied a coat to each eye and marched over to a friend’s room to ask if he could see the difference and my very befuddled male friend said no. Exact same length, volume (well, Full N’ Soft delivered a wee bit better there) and heck, they even smudged the same way at the same time! (Will get to that soon)

The only cons I can think of with this product is that it can smudge after a month or two’s usage but I guess that’s fine if you are particular about trashing your mascara every 2 months as recommended. The second con is that we can’t get this in Malaysia! *sighs* Can we petition Maybelline Malaysia to bring this in?


Jenn said...

Yes, Malaysia should totally bring this one in already... where do i sign up for the petition? :D

I've heard so many good things about this one since eons ago... and after reading your review i'm convinced that i MUST. TRY!!! :D

LyNn said...

i've seen the high ratings on MUA and I've been dying to try it.
but sad to say, I cant even order this from drugstore in US
seems to be discontinued! :(
hope malaysia brings it in soon
i wanna try it too!

Askmewhats said...

I have used this once when I was in China, but I guess locally they don't sell these anymore, I have used 1 maybelline mascara that gave me the super LONG lashes, I forgot! :(

Eli said...

Jenn: I can bring back a tube for you if you want. =D

Lynn: DISCONTINUED?! I think I'll cry.

Nikki: Do you remember what kind of brush it used?

Connie De Alwis said...

I wanna try this! I think the Maybelline mascaras here are exclusive Asia :-/ we don't get the western stuff and vice versa

Eli said...

Connie: That or the Asian markets are the initial guinea pigs. I remember Lash Discovery getting launched here after it got pulled out of Asia.

Think I'll bring back several tubes of Full N' Soft to distribute amongst you girls. Then we can decide if we should mass petition Maybelline or not.