June 01, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits - The good 'ol fashioned kind

Yes ladies, I have finally restocked my beauty bits chest that lives in the far right corner of my brain. So here we go!

Eyelure is in Malaysia! As are their Girls Aloud false eyelashes. Spotted in Watsons, MidValley to be precise. At RM23.90 a pair for the Girls Aloud lashes, it really isn't too bad.

Of late I've developed a love for all things pretty, feminine and vintage. It's been escalating for awhile, red lipstick, big skirts, flowers in my hair, mary janes, but I've finally admitted it's a vintage crush. New blog Pretty Vintage is feeding my lust admirably. Loves it!

Is the lead in your lipstick killing you? Who are the worst offenders? This well-researched, written and balance piece allows you to draw your own conclusions. I was shocked at Dior, I must admit. SHAME on them!

While I find most photo-effect sites to be rather tacky, PhotoFunia really isn't half bad! Dead easy, fun and quite a few of the effects are rather tasteful. =D


PB said...

Aha that ol' lead in lipstick debate still rages. I remember getting all those scary email forwards years ago and I sometimes wonder if its not funded by one cosmetics company to make others look bad. Still its a thought :) I'm not giving up lippies tho :D

Tine said...

Thanks for the links. I have yet to play with Photofunia, but I'm going to give it a go today. If you like blogs featuring girly and vintage stuff, do check out Super Kawaii Mama and Lady Melbourne. These are my favourite Australian fashion blogs, and most of the time make their own clothes, or sourced from charity shops. Where they managed to score such goodies, I'll never know (I mean, they do mention where they bought their stuff, but at flea markets and op shops, once they're gone, they're gone).

Jenn said...

Thanks for the article! I sometimes wonder if all this hooha about lead in lipsticks is really that big of a deal or not. But still, it's food for thought. Personally i'm not convinced enough to stop using them though! :D

And oh, i LOVE mary janes too!! hehehe!! :D

Eli said...

*raises hand* Guilty of being girly. Blame it on mama for letting me flip through old Simplicity patterns as a wee tot.

Mary janes are the way to go. I just bought two black pairs for winter. Bf just looked at them wide-eyed, "But they are both the same!"

"No, one has a heel and the other doesn't."


Connie De Alwis said...

I love my lippies :( can I just not use the red ones?

I saw them Girls Aloud lashes and they did look pretty good! But I don't wanna betray my pretty pretty pretty I Nuovi....

Erin said...

Thank you for the link! Perhaps you'll join me in converting the world to vintage, one blog at a time ;)

I'll also check out the vintage blogs Tine mentioned... good to know there are lots of Aussie girls living the vintage life! (Including me!)

Erin x

Kahani said...

I'm NOT giving up lippies, not even the red ones! =P However I admit to being glad that mine are mostly Silk Naturals and I'm pretty darned sure they are lead-free. There's really no way to know the truth in this matter, just make a decision, rotate lippies frequently, and don't freak out. No one's died yet!

Tine: Ooh thanks! More pretty blogs, whee! I really wish we had better thrift shops in M'sia. The ones in Europe were fabu!

Eli: *clicks heels of MJ's together in full sympathy*

Connie: I knoooow I feel this loyalty to iNuovi myself!

Erin: Hey thanks for stopping by. Looove your pretty blog. Pretty please put together outfits like the Nancy Drew one I believe you did for Catwalk Queen. I loved that! Gosh I miss the girls at Shiny =(

Erin said...

Kahani - oh, I love those outfit posts. The Nancy Drew plus a few Enid Blyton ones :)

I'm about to head to the USA for a few weeks, but when I return (and thus have a little more spare time!) I'll put together some outfits just for you!


Kahani said...

Erin: Huzzah! I just found these vintage felt cloche hats at a crazy accessory store we have here for pennies. Now if only we had the weather for it. >_<