June 02, 2009

ELF Studio: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

When affordable line, E.L.F (or EyesLipsFace to be precise) launched its Studio line at $3 a pop, ripples of excitement ripped through the beauty community. Well, I was excited anyway. Especially when I clapped eyes on the Nars-like Blush/Bronzer Duo thanks to Connie. But after buying quite a few items from the line I have to admit that not all of it is worth your money and time. Even when they're only RM18.50 each via SGDrugstore.

Note: These aren't full reviews, just brief overviews of each product, and why they belong in their respective categories. I'll review in full anything you guys want. Just ask. =)

The Good
First, here are the items that are definitely worth your RM18.50! These are great products that exceed expectations and I find myself using again and again!

(Listed Top-Bottom, L-R) Eye Primer/Liner Sealer Duo, Small Smudge Brush, Eyeshadow 'C' Brush, Powder Brush, Blusher/ Bronzer Duo

Eye Primer / Liner Sealer Duo: This is incredibly handy on a travel trip. The primer isn't as great as my Mac Studio Paint Pot, but it's a good sight handier as it's fat crayon-like format makes it easy to swipe and go. The liner-sealer duo does really change any dark eyeshadow into a long-lasting waterproof liner. The brush is rather had and spiky though - this does allow for quick application.

Small Smudge Brush: Too small for some, just right for me. Great for precise application of cream-powder eyeshadows, and for smudging out gel eyeliner.

Eyeshadow 'C' Brush: Soft and densely packed this is amazing for both packing on the shadow, and blending out hard lines.

Powder Brush: Watch out! ELF Studio can get these mixed up with their Complexion Brushes! But on the whole this is an incredibly brush I use to stipple on blush (because my Revlon Colorstay foundation is tacky, I like to stipple on, rather than brush on blush), apply mineral foundation, and matte powder. I'm considering getting a back-up, Syen already has! And Connie adores this brush.

Blush/Bronzer Duo: I love this blush and bronzer! So handy, and according to Connie, comparable to a Nars Duo. The blush is a cooler, less sparkly shade of Nars Orgasm that nevertheless looks great on everyone. I once used it on an entire wedding party (the lousy makeup "artist" they hired only had one shade of blush - hot pink) and it looked lovely on everyone. The bronzer is very pigmented, so a big fluffy blush and a light touch is needed. I love how it's gold-based and not red, and shimmery but not sparkly. Lovely! Great for coutouring too.

The Bad
Believe me, when I say bad, I mean really really disappointingly bad.

"Mini" Eyelash Curler and Concealer/Highlighter Duo

"Mini" Eyelash Curler: This isn't a criticism of the product itself. But as with the Powder/Complexion Brushes, ELF Studio has gotta stop DOING this. I bought a Mini Eyelash Curler and got a full-sized one! ARGH!

Concealer / Highlighter Duo: The product itself is decent, but the packaging is abominable! I twisted the concealer portion one morning and the damned thing snapped off. Concealer everywhere! I scooped out what I could into a small pot, but oh I was furious!

The Meh
Here are the products that may work for some, but were lackluster for me. Not a waste of money per se, just not great.

(Clockwise) Fan Brush, Eyeshadow / Eyeliner stick duo in Green Moss, and Mattifying Powder

Fan Brush: Too thin and too flimsy for ANYTHING. Even dusting away eyeshadow fallout doesn't work. And when I tried to dust bronzer on, I was left with a line where it inititially touched my face, but it was too flimsy to blend it out. Just not worth it.

Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Stick in Green Moss: Connie finds this to be the best shade, and I agree with her. It's lovely. But the packaging is awful, the shadow wobbles and I'm afraid it'll break.Plus the eyeliner, while smooth, isn't dark enough and the eyeshadow is hard to apply. I just don't find myself using it.

Mattifying Powder: While mostly translucent, it's still too pink. It doesn't control oil particularly well, and for the bulky packaging, there is very little powder. I expected it to be the size of the blush/bronzer duo halves, but it's much much smaller.

So that's my overview, any comments or anything to add? Do let me know what you girls think of this line!


AskMeWhats said...

wow! thanks for sharing your thoughts! I don't really own a lot of ELF products and true about the quality, not all of them are even half as good! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Excellent overview!

I ordered the smudge brush and brow treat & tame. waiting for them :)

Sucky that the concealer's packaging is so awful! How does the full sized curler work though? :p

Green Moss is a handy travel makeup product for me and it doesn't crease but yeah, what's up with the wobbly shadow? Mine pops up entirely -_-

Ida said...

i enjoyed reading that! it's good how you categorized them :)
i'm waiting for my own order...two of which you gave good points to: the powder brush and bronzer duo. and two other items not included here: the eyebrow kit and complexion brush :)

Eli said...

I miss my e.l.f. eyeshadow brush. It was puuurrrrfect for layering mineral under eye concealer and I have yet to find a good replacement. Killed it one weekend when a bottle of antiperspirant broke and drowned everything.

Kahani said...

Nikki: Thanks babe! I hope it'll help others who want to give this hit-and-miss line a try.

Connie: So be careful with yours! The product inside isn't bad though *sighs*. I haven't tried the full-sized curler out to be honest. I'll do so and get back to you!

Ida: I've heard good things about the eyebrow kit and complexion brush. Good luck, and do drop by and let me know what you think of it when you get them.

Eli: And what's to stop you getting another?

PB said...

Hmm... don't own anything by ELF though I'd consider checking out those you rated highly especially that bronzer duo thingo

Olive Poppy said...

Thanks for the review. I've wanted to try out elf for a really long time but just couldn't be bothered to go through with the whole ordering process. At least I know what to get now if I do follow it through. :)

Kahani said...

ParisB: Those I really do recommend. But the bronzer may really be too dark for you. You're welcome to roadtest mine. =)

MisSmall: You're welcome! I own hardly anything from the normal Elf line btw, only Elf Studio appeals to me.

plue said...

mine shadowstick so far is okay, while the ELF powder brush, its great for foundie, but i find it a lil pokey >_< is yours pokey/ scratchy?

i didn't get the smudge brush tho, now i wish i did! haha!

le sigh. now i think my powder has to be chucked away. a friend said it controls oil... but since u say it doesn't... oh well. :(

Kahani said...

Plue: Not at all, umm try cleaning the brush thoroughly? And as for the powder, it doesn't control oil that well for ME, and we all know how crazy my skin is. Give it a try before you "chuck it" lah.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for reviewing ELF's NARS Orgasm dupe. I've been contemplating to purchase that. At that inexpensive price point, it's worth giving it a shot! Great blog btw.

Kahani said...

Hey fabuless beauty, you're most welcome. Yes at that price point it's so worth it it just about makes up for the "bad" part of elf studio!

Eli said...

e.l.f. left Australia before I had a chance to get a new brush. *grumbles* Mine was from the normal line, btw.

plue said...

i washed it twice ady, but still a little pokey when i stipple foundation. but i can bear with it, becuz the finish is really nice ^_^

and the price tag that comes with it, i shudn't be complaining :P

Traclyn Yeoh said...

I just to start of with ELFs items but start with their normal items first. Studio line, maybe a little later on? Thanks for the information.

Oh, I saw ELF's youtube, they have virtual makeover from their site too :)

Petra said...

Isn't elt the vegan line? I know they don't animal test.

My heart stopped when you said they came to Msia. Am lemming for red lipstick.

Kahani said...

Petra, somehow I don't think so. ELF is the cheapo line where everything is US$1. ELF Studio is supposed to be 'premium' and is priced at US$3. I've never heard a thing about their red lipsticks and I doubt they're vegan!

Kahani said...

Oops, I meant to reply the other girls too.

Eli: Let me know which one and I'll pop in an order for you next time I indulge in ELF Studio. =)

Plue: Aww maybe your face is more sensitive than mine!

Traclyn: That's your choice. But I'd rather buy one product that works than 5 cheaper ones that don't. Still the great cheap find is such a thrill!

Aisyah Jean said...

do u know where i can buy ELF products? does klcc and pavilion have it?

Kahani said...

Aishyah, Nope you'll have to buy it online as far as I know.