June 15, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits: Making those killer heels less killing

Lately I've been cheerfully running around in pretty heels that would normally have me limping by the end of the day. While I won't lie and pretend that these are as comfy as flats - they're not - they're still pretty darned comfy! Once I'm through with them that is. Here are some tips on geting more use out of those pretty frivolous sky-high heels you usually only wear when you know you'll be sitting pretty.

Scholl High Heel Insoles: These are a must have! They're slim and slip straight into shoes with no slipping. Their moleskin uppers are comfy and cushy on your feet, and even better, the cushion stops before your toes start. It may seem like a small thing, but toe space is usually at a premium in shoes, and these allow your toes all the wiggle room they need! A pair retails around RM10 (will check) and they are removable, washable, reusable... go get a pair!

Cushioned toe-socks: The other thing that has me dancing on air, is this lovely little invention. These stockings that only cover your toes are almost invisble when on, help keep your toes dry instead of sweaty, and minimise friction in the shoe. Even better, the added cushioning under the ball of your foot, combined with the Scholl inserts, makes for some pretty happy feet! I wore those 3.5" red heels for 16 hours straight on Friday, and wasn't a limping moaning wreck at the end of it. These from Guardian retail for under RM8, while Susoku's offering (also available at Guardian) is priced closer to the RM9 mark.

Bathroom non-slip appliques: Yep you read right! Rather than splurge on these (admittedly cuter) Heartstoppers, pick up a roll of this white non-slip tape at Ace Hardware for RM25. It's essentially the same thing and so far my slippery shoes have been much improved by this. They won't give you the same amount of grip as a pair of sneakers (as a tumble on the stairs of Ole Ole Bali will testify. Be careful at the one in Solaris, the stairs and upper floors are SLIPPERY!), but they sure help. I'll admit i'm looking for cuter alternatives for bathtub appliques though.

Silicone strips and patch stickers: Once the sole purvue of Scholl's wonderous Party Range (really I thank them for it, they are such a god-send!) these silicone strips, patches, and party-feet soles are now produced by just about everyone. Guardian and Watsons included. But having used both, I have to say that if you really need it to work all day, and not slip or get bent out of shape. Scholl is the way to go.


Eli said...

Non-slip bathroom tape for shoes? Absolutely brilliant idea. How on earth did you come up with that one?

Kahani said...

Good 'ol American Ingenuity. I found out that's what the yanks were doing when I google searched. =D

Askmewhats said...

wow that's great idea, but I don't usually feel slippery so I've never thought of these! Knocks on wood! I may slip soon enough! LOL

Jenn said...

Ah, i MUST get that non-slip tape... i don't know how many times i almost slipped in public toilets those darned shoes!! >.<

i must get those insoles as well! :D They sound comfy!

do you find that the elastic band on those toe socks painful? I find that they cut into my skin!! Still looking for a pair where there's like cloth over the elastic band so that it's not so painful!

Personally i always stick those soft cushiony scholl bunion protector in my close toed shoes where my bunions will be! They really helped alot! And i can't live without the Scholl Party Feet gel pads for my killer heels! :D

Kahani said...

Nikki: Well if you're not given to buying shoes with smooth soles (WHY do they do this to us? WHY WHY?) then you won't need this trick. =)

Jenn: I have very slim feet so it never occurred to me that the elastic band would be a problem for some. It seems pretty wide to me. I also don't have bunions so great tip for girls with that problem!

prettybeautiful said...

the non-slip tape is cool!!!! but it looks like double-sided tape. is there a black one? i always slip in my shoes also =/ usually i will bring my heels to the cobbler and ask him to add on the sole for me.

plue said...

thanks for the post!

i am always having problems when it comes to shoes. I get blisters everywhere!

i wonder if the slingback strips helps in reducing the blister i get at the back of my ankle. any idea?

gio said...

Thanks for the tips! I love heels but I always get blisters when I wear them. I need to get those insoles, they sound comfy!

Kahani said...

PrettyB: The black one is more like sandpaper. I'm not sure how it works but I thought I'd get this one. It's a bit hard though. What I really want are the more rubbery, pretty-shaped bathtub appliques! Will look for those and let you girls know how they work out.

Plue: If you're getting blisters everywhere it could be because the shoes you're wearing don't suit the shape of your feet. If you have wide feet, then you may need to buy wider cut shoes. And yes the tape should definitely help! I use them on the inside of the red-shoe straps because they're a bit scratchy (they're made to be worn with tights actually), and they work a treat. =D

petra said...

I love you. Aye, tipsy.