June 16, 2009

FOTD: Taking the falsies out for a spin

Edit: Pic of dress after the jump!

A dear friend of mine from church got married last Saturday and for the wedding dinner I decided to bring on the glam and use my iNuovi half-lashes. As false lashes go, they're pretty tame and natural looking when your eyes are open, until you blink. Then for a brief moment your have full-on fluttery lashes! Think of them as false-lash-lite. =P

I found them incredibly easy to put on, taking me only one try and about 5 minutes total. Now the temptation to slap them on for EVERY evening function (and believe me, I have quite a few) is unberably tempting.

I'm also considering taking advantage on iNuovi's current offer of "Buy 2 boxes of Prolashes and get one box" free to stock up on these lashes, and maybe give a few other more dramatic ones a try. The offer is only valid at the iNuovi store in Sunway Pyramid and will end June 18 (that's this Thursday!).

Now for the rest of my look:

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows in Busy Signal (a deep shimmery brown) and Carte Blanche (a mid-toned gold-based brown)
L'Oreal Colour Appeal Star Secrets Quad in Penelope Cruz - Dark brown and gold shades
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
Lancome Oscillation Mascara

Benefit Coralista
Benefit Ten to contour

Benetint as a base
Silk Naturals kisser slicker gloss in Maiden (dupe of MAC Slimshine in Bare)

Edit (June 16,2009): As per request here's a better shot of the halter-neck dress. Forgive the odd angle it's a candid shot by a friend - cropped out the other ladies in the pic in case they're not eager to feature on the blog. =P


AskMeWhats said...

awww you look HOT!!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

Loving this! Your eyes look so glowy :D And the lashes look great. Not OTT at all!

plue said...

darling, July 18 or June 18? :P

btw, u look great! :D

Kahani said...

Eeek June 18.

Can you tell I'm temporally displaced?

plue said...

the falsies sure took your for a spin aye? hehe!

Eli said...

Lawanya! I want to see your dress though. =P

Kahani said...

lol with all the requests to see my dresses I think I should invest in a tripod and start me a fashion blog...

Jenn said...

The falsies look AMAZING on you!! You look hawt!! ;)

lol, the first thing i wanted to say when i saw your pic was, "show me your dress"!! hahaha!! :D

yes you should totally start a fashion blog... fashion disasters like me need help!! hahaha!! :D

Kahani said...

I'm seriously considering it! I don't think I'm a fashion forward person (actually with my vintage kick, more like fashion backward) but I know what I like.

It will obviously be a good deal less updated than my beauty blog though. Or I'd dieee!

Shuu said...

woots you looks gorgeous! :D
Yeah I agree with Jenn ^_^ You should show the nice blue dress. It is indeed a simple yet glamorous dress (I happened to see your dress in some photos uploaded by Jeremiah lol)

Kahani said...

Hey shuu!

Oh yes thanks for reminding me! I'll pop up the facebook pic in the post tonight then. =)

Btw, *puts on Syen's superior voice and tone when she says this* the colour, is "Teal"! =P

gio said...

You look gorgeous! Love the lashes, they look great on you!

prettybeautiful said...

so nice yr dress!!!!! and omg the lashes. i almost wear them like few times a week. lol. obsessed

p/s: the wedding dinner hall looks familiar. is it the one in jaya 33? oriental something? i was there for dinner on sun n bumped into a wed dinner