June 08, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

I've taken to mixing FOTE Aloe Vera Gel with my Revlon Colorstay Foundation as I believe the foundy has dried out a bit. I think it makes it easier to apply, but I'm as yet unsure as to how it will affect the foundation. If it all goes horribly wrong, or wonderfully right I'll update you! Does anyone do this?

And speaking of Revlon, to alert you girls, Guardian's running a deal that's a little mixed up right now. In their catelogue, it states that if you spend RM60 on Revlon Cosmetics you will get a satin lipstick & powder foundation case (with mirror) free. But when I was picking up a replacement foundation, I thought I'd just tack on the colorstay liner and get the case (since my black Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner is getting gunky) and get the case. Well guess what? The deal at the shop was spend RM120 including a Beyond Naturals product to get the case. I held the sales girl to the catalogue's deal and got the pouch anyway. They're legally obliged to honour the better deal. So check out the catalogues!

Don't have alcohol handy for sterialising, pressing shattered eyeshadows / blushes / powder, or cleaning up sticky labels? Well a hand sanitiser that has enough alcohol should do the trick! Dettol's isn't quite alcoholic enough to clean up stickier labels though.

Want to know one simple thing that will make you look taller, slimmer, and more graceful on the spot? Stand straight! You can be the best dressed, most perfectly made up lady, but if you slouch like Quasimodo all the beauty is just wasted. Nothing flatteres the figure more than a great posture. I'm sorry to sound old-lady, but it really hurts me to see a lovely girl slouching around like a computer geek.

Much as I love the Himalaya Herbals Neem Mask, it can be awful to remove. After a long day I really dread the struggle. I've finally found my perfect solution. I bought a facial celullose sponge from Caring (it's just a flat blue disc sponge) and after scrubbing the mask around. I wet the sponge and it neatly and cleanly removed the rest of the mask. Lovely!

My total and very happy immersion in vintage-inspires sites that now include Lady Melbourne & Super Kawaii Mama (thanks to the lovely, Tine) have made me miss vintage shopping. So when twittering journalist Melody told me about Amcorp Mall's flea market's hidden treasures I went a-prowling today and bout three dresses for RM30! I'm so delighted with them! One's a shift-dress ala-Twiggy in summery faded yellow and lime-green checked gingham (it needs taking in), another is a grey-checked shirt-dress with a huuuuge circles skirt (that needs to be shortened), and the last was an absolutely gorgeous, vintage cut black dress. It has lattice-panelling, a very intersting back, pockets, a tiny waist and a big flouncy skirt. It's perfect now I've stitched a button on. They've all never been worn - they were just never sold. So now I have three pretty dresses and mini-sewing projects all in one. Whee!


Askmewhats said...

I love the Monday Beauty Bits, I am looking forward to it every start of the week :D

plue said...

i wanna see those dresses of yours! such a bargain!

i dun dare to buy flea market clothings, most of the time it never fits me!

Kahani said...

Nikki: Aww.. thanks sweetie.

Plue: I'll wear my favourite one to the next blog-meet! Well, at RM10 it's not such a bad risk to take. And I'm pretty good with a needle. So I can take most things in. =)

Jenn said...

I so agree about good postures!! It really makes a difference on your appearance!!

And oh, the MAC cleanse off oil takes of sticky labels perfectly too!! :D

Tine said...

Glad you enjoyed the links. I certainly did. And do post a picture of the dresses you bought. What a bargain! :)

Eli said...

I thought today was a Sunday and wondered why Monday's Beauty Bits were up. =P

I miss Amcorp. *ear droop* There's a record store in the city which sells vintage. Really cute stuff but they are all a size too small or too big to alter without a machine. Grr.

Kahani said...

Hmm posting pics of my dresses would be uhhh out of genre! I would be traversing dangerously into the territory of fashion!

Aww poor Eli... *patpat* But Australia has awesome vintage stores, no?

Eli said...

Not where I am! There are supposed be fantastic flea markets in Sydney but I haven't got around to digging around them yet. Should really ask bf's cousin.