June 09, 2009

Makeup Organisation Attempt: My Stash Mound

Hellooo ladies!

Taking inspiration from Kahani and Tine's stash mound, I've decided to also share with you girls on where I stash my stash. Do bear in mind, it's nowhere near as neat as Tine's but here's to hoping you girls won't mind too much. =P

As you can see, mine's a built-in dresser, complete with a big mirror (loves) which has storage racks behind it, and a small fluorescent lamp above which provides for excellent lighting when applying makeup. Since Kahani and I started our blog, my makeup stash has boomed so much I have had to add more storage area, hence the little plastic rack at the bottom right. =P

Read on for (many, many) more photos!

Top of my dresser: This is where I put all the daily necessities. Products that I reach out for on an almost daily basis, such as my moisturiser, toner, lipsticks, hairbrush etc. Some other stuff, like Frederik Fekkai are also almost-daily necessities. Love!

A closer shot of the top of my dresser: Watches, Simple eye cream, lipbalms, lipstick stash *hehe*. Can anyone spot my Face Oasis? Vaseline and Lucas' Papaw Ointment. And ooh.. you girls won't believe this. But my hairbrush? RM7 from Watson's in Phuket. It's lasted me err.. 4 years? Awesome. 

Lippies galore: Like I said, I'm a lipstick girl. And the entire lower left corner of the container is dedicated to lipbalms. =P The container I got for RM5 at Daiso (duh), and my first reaction when I saw it was, "It'd be PERFECT for my lipsticks!" =D

Right drawer: Filled to the brim with makeup. There are lots more underneath the first layer which you can't see. But as I'm going to be moving in another couple of months, I'm not really bothered to thoroughly re-organise this. Just a few items you can see - Smashbox's Soft Fusion Lights which I bought off Paris, and Stila's convertible colour in Lillium and Lavshuca palette (thanks Paris!), Shu blush and eyeshadows, Estee Lauder palette etc.

More makeup: After I started blogging, I also started hoarding even MORE makeup, hence the mobile rack to contain the makeup boom. Plus storage space for brushes too. The bigger brush holder is actually a pen holder from Daiso too. Don't you just love that place? And the container right at the top contains even more lipsticks, and glossies. =P

Lippies: Erm.. yea.. well. The lipsticks and glossies which won't fit into the lip storage on my dresser. Mascaras go in here too.

Top drawer: Wokay. This shelf was (initially) meant for the mineral makeup stuff. But with the ever expanding makeup collection, screw mineral exclusivity. So (l-r) it's blush, eyeshadows (plus one blush which can't fit anywhere else anymore), eyeliners and extras.

Lower drawer: (l-r) MAC blush, eyeshadows, more blush (NYX, Cargo and MAC). Blush addict, I am. =P

So there you go, girls. Pretty much almost all the makeup stuff that I have. I have a bit more of skincare products behind the mirror, but I've cleared a lot of it out, so nothing very interesting there.

In a few more months I'll be stashing my makeup mound in another dresser so there might another stash-mound post in the not-so-near future. =P

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your storage ideas. And if you can, blog about it ladies!


melian22 said...

Whoa...nice collection there! :)

Paris B said...

I have that very same green drawer thing! In the same color and everything! Rather I had. I outgrew it so I've reorganized everything into Ikea Glis boxes that I can stack as high as I want teehee... I love your lippie collection. I see a lot of my personal faves there too!

Connie De Alwis said...

2nd time I'm typing! stupid tupid Blogger error

anyway, it's fun to see your collection! I like how you organize your stash. Mine's hardly neat. I'm in the midst of arranging my makeup since I just got drawers. The bf asks "What's the point of arranging everything so nicely if it's just gonna get messed up again in less than a week?"

I see many things that I'm lovin in there! MSF and blush!!My collection seems pretty modest now :p

Tine said...

Thanks for the post, I loved looking at your stash! I'm actually contemplating on storing my makeup brushes in pencil holders, but I'm worried if it'll gather dust, as my dresser area is right below the window. GAH.

But love love love looking at your makeup! My my, that's a lot of lippies :P

Askmewhats said...

Marry me!!! I love the way you organize your stuffs!!! :) thanks for sharing

Eli said...

That's the closest thing I have ever seen to an organised makeup explosion. Mine looks tiiiiiny compared to your collection.

Shuu said...

that's a very nice stash and still organized! :D

Jenn said...

Your stuff is neat la!! :D But you do have ALOT of makeup!!! I wanna go over to your hause and playyyy!! :P

I love your built in dresser too!! :D

plue said...

oooh! so many MAC stuff! :D :D :D

and so neat! mine is hardly neat. not for the time being. am trying to organize them! :D

am taking ya idea in organizing lippies!

MisSmall said...

Wow, a great stash post!

You're so neat! Look at all the makeup nicely tucked away in their own little compartments. Mine are simply thrown around, and I use whatever that is closest to me. Haha.

Syen said...

melian22: Thanks! =P

Paris: Hey girl. Oooh.. you had the same green box? Great minds... =) I'm not surprised you outgrew it. Mine's kinda bursting at the seams too already. Leaving it as it is for now. I'll see how I have to re-arrange everything when I move to my new dresser. =) And yes, I do not we're both blush and lipstick gals. *winks*

Connie: Thank you! But it's not that neat lah. Could be better, esp the dresser drawers. LOL. I wanna see YOUR collection! Then I'll judge whether it's modest. =P

Tine: They do tend to gather dust, even mine. But I just fluff it off thoroughly before using them. Or wiping it with a tissue. I loved looking at your stash too! =D Thanks for inspiring this post.

Nikki: ROTFL! You're MARRIED! No worries babe. Glad you enjoyed plowing through my piccies. =)

Syen said...

Eli: Hahahaha.. I've seen huger makeup collections that are better organised. =P Eli, your stash mound is up next for post. I wanna seee... *grin*

Shuu: Thanks! =)

Jenn: LOL. Yea, I guess I DO have lots of makeup. It's kinda *cough kaha cough ni cough* 's fault. SHE introduced me to makeup and turned me into this hoarding monster. =P

Come to KL lah. Then we can play makeup together. =P I wanna see your stash too!

Plue: Thanks! Daiso is da best! =)

MisSmall: Thanks! Oh, believe me, it's takes arranging and cleaning after a week or so too. Gah. I wish it'd just STAY dust-free. Sigh.

Ghost said...

WOW Syen!!!!! Makes me want to play dress up like a little girl :) (am I the only one who wants to do that when you see a lovely collection????). Very organised. Mine just keeps growing and growing, partly due to yours and Kahani's blog (especially when kahani got a lot of boots items :) Here’s to more space and a fixation to be organised.

gio said...

You have a great collection! I love how you organize it!

Syen said...

Ghost: I should hardly agree with you on the "very organised" bit, but with that said, cheers babe! *clanks lipgloss* =P

gio: Thankee. =)

prettybeautiful said...

that's a lot of stuff my dear! but at least u have them quite neatly. mine is just stashed everywhere outside the drawers :P

i have problem putting stuff back to the placee..

Kahani said...

I think I need to reorganise mine. Maybe that'll cheer me up!