June 18, 2009

Review: Bourjois Anticernes Pinceau Brush Concealer

My pet peeve about my much raved about industrial strength Bobbi Brown concealer is that it takes a while to pat on and blend in the morning. And, if my eye area is not properly moisturised, I end up with parched-earth type cracks under my eyes before lunch time.

So whenever I am rushing for time in morning, that's when I reach out for this little baby by Bourjois.

A cheaper version of YSL's Touche Eclat, I stumbled upon this little treasure a few months ago in Priceline. Usually sold for AUD 25, it was on offer that day for AUD 20. I snapped it up in Beige Dore 83 (the darkest shade amongst the three) when I realised that it was a perfect match for me.

Application is pretty fool-proof as all you have to twist (I usually twist-click it twice), swipe and pat with a finger. Great when you are pressed for time in the morning and handy to tote around for touch ups during the day (though I have never found myself having to do touch ups).

This product isn't great if you are looking for something more heavy duty. Coverage is about sheer to medium, just about enough to make me look a less panda-ish than usual when I use it on its own. When I layer this over NYX concealer in Medium, I actually look pretty decent. And the best thing is that there is hardly any caking at the end of the day.

For those worried about sanitation issues with brush-type products, fret not. All you have to do is spritz the brush with rubbing alcohol and wipe dry. Ironically enough, I got this tip from a YSL sales assistant while checking out the Touche.

Fast, easy and travel-friendly, this is definitely a keeper in my makeup bag. I suggest checking it out if you are looking for something to brighten up your under eye area.

Sadly though, I was looking for backups of this the other day and I suspect that Australia has stopped carrying the Beige Dore shade! *grumbles* I'll keep you girls updated when I go on another manhunt this weekend.


lilsweetkaz said...

Hi Eli, nice review =)
Actually, bourjois @ priceline is really inconsistent with their products. You'll still find some stuff at certain pricelines, while there's none at others. I'm not sure if they're phasing out certain products, but I find the pricelines NOT in the city, instead in the suburbs, have more stock.

There was bourjois 50% off last catalogue and I snagged the imperfection concealer in beige dore. Though I'm wondering if it might be too dark. Maybe I should've got this one instead haha. Just wondering, what foundation shade are you approximately? Thx very much.

Eli said...

Hey lilsweetkatz!

I love Priceline but that's my pet peeve about them too. *sigh* Where are you centred?

I am a MAC 37. Think the closest Bourjois brush on foundation match I ever found was #35 but that was a while ago. Thing is, the Bourjois shades aren't consistent over different products. I know that beige dore comes fairer and pinkier for the older brush concealer.

Tine said...

I have this concealer/highlighter from Bourjois which didn't really work for me (it wasn't this one). I think I'll go check this one out to see if it'll work. I'm still on a lookout for the right concealer for me. Can't seem to find one. Sigh.

Eli said...

Hey Tine, I think I know which Bourjois concealer you got. It was really sheer when I swiped it so I was quite surprised by the Anticernes Pinceau as it was a lot more pigmented. Check this out and let me know how it goes. =)