June 17, 2009

Budget Beauty: Awesome eye brushes from Carrefour! - Living & Companion Eye Definer and Eye Contour brushes

Meet the brushes that completely cured my lemmings for a new MAC 224 brush (my SE version is spiky with split hairs) and MAC's pencil brush. And here's the really great part. They only cost RM8.50 each.

You'll find them in Carrefour's beauty section in plastic packaging that looks like this (pic on left). I first learnt of them thanks to Dollie Pomme's rave review, and when I was researching Essence of Beauty's Eye Contour Brushes I found that they were comparable to Living & Companion's thanks to Puss in Heels.

You can bet I tore down to Tropicana Mall and snatched these babies up!

I've been using them a week and I absolutely could not be happier. They are soft, soft SOFT... and unlike most budget brushes, these are made of animal hair. Which animal? Can't tell you, it doesn't say. But so far these two brushes have performed wonderfully. Love them!

Eye Contour Brush
To me, this rounded countour brush is the real steal of the two. Densely packed, its tapered shape makes it great for everything from smoking out to precision work. I find I can use it in my crease, to blend out my darker shadows and even along the lower lash line. It's shape is absolutely brilliant!

Eye Definer Brush
I use this loose and soft brush much as I did my MAC 224 - to apply a sheer wash of shimmery shadow and blend it out. It's not much good for defining in my opinion, but I love it for blending lighter shadows over darker as it applies just the right amount - enough to see, but not enough to obscure the darker colour beneath. It also works great for blending shadows up and out so that the shadows blend seemlessly into your skin.

I've washed both brushes twice so far and no shedding although both have a few hairs wandering out of place. I love these two so dearly I'll probably buy backups. And at this price, I can afford to!


Askmewhats said...

the brushes look familiar!!! I think I've seen them around but not sure :) thanks for the review!

Kahani said...

Do you have Carrefour in Philippines? Maybe there.... or in a drugstore's beauty aisle. =D

Askmewhats said...

Boohoo no Carrefour for us down here, but I swear the packaging looks familiar! i have to check them out again! :) thanks for the wonderful post and great day to the So Loverlies! :D

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing Kahani!! Too bad Carrefour is located at the mainland in penang, otherwise i'll definitely pop by to have a look! They look so soft! :D

Kahani said...

Ooh my essence of beauty brushes just arrived. And YES the larger crease brush looks almost identical to the Living & Companion one. Thank goodness I paid under RM20 for the crease brush duo. =D

plue said...

I should go to Carrefour and take a quick look. Hm, today's a good day :P

Tee hee! Thanks for the review! I do need a few more eye brushes!

Does it ever occur to you that usually eyebrushes made by drugstores are always better than their face brushes? At least to me it is. :)

Shuu said...

oh wee, definitely a steal :D
I do use some cheap eye brushes, they still work wonder :P Only when it comes to blush and powder brushes, I'm a bit picky

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

wow.. i'll definitely look for them in Carrefour.. but wondering is every Carrefour bringing them ?

Connie De Alwis said...

thanks for letting us now! can't wait to check these out!

Kahani said...

plue: yep - maybe it's because eye brushes are so much smaller it's easier to use quality materials and still price them affordably.

Shuu: Eco tools and Elf Studio make great, and affordable, face and blush brushes. =D

Syn@3sTh3sI@ : Only one way to find out! Go see lah. =P

Connie: Yes you should. They're naish.

Traclyn Yeoh said...

I was searching for this brush the other day in Carrefour in Peel Road but I don't see them. May I know which particular aisle are they at? I was pretty upset when I failed to find them!

Syen said...

I don't think I've ever been so enthusiastic about making a trip to Carrefour! LOL.

Carrefour here I cooome! Thanks for the info babe. =D

Kahani said...

Traclyn: I can't speak for every Carrefour. But in the one in Tropicana Mall (drop by Paperdoll Boutique when you're there) it's in the beauty section. The big wall with everything from nail clippers to hair ties hanging on it.

Syen: Always a pleasure ;)

LyNn said...

i want i want i want
shit i just went carrefour today for an avon visit before reading this post :(
i wonder if carrefour subang jaya has it

Eli said...

I bet there's going be a stampede for this this weekend and the Carrefour management will be going, "What just happened?" Oh, and jack up the price next week. =P

Kahani said...

Lynn: They're the biggest ones around I think so why shouldn't they?

Eli: LOL I wouldn't give them that much credit. I've dealt with them and I doubt their reaction time or market awareness is that good.

plue said...

i had to buy food for office, so i had to go do shopping.

and i picked carrefour.

and my hand slipped and bought that 2 brushes. =_=


Kahani said...

aww plue well if it's an accident you can't be blamed. =P

Karenmarie said...

I've been looking for brushes that don't blow my wallet! heehee...Will try Carrefour's brushes now!

Kahani said...

If there's any left =P

I hear there's been a mad rush.... or so I garner from 5 excited SMS's

LyNn said...

hey im wondering
is the eye contour brush packaged as eye crease brush?
cause i cant seem to find eye contour brush
the best match is eye crease

btw, subang carrefour does carry living & companion brushes
its located at the makeup section
underneath the lip balms cum gloss stuff

Kahani said...

Oops you must be right Lynn, sorry I lost the original packaging. I'll make the corrections! =D

Thank you!

LyNn said...

haha its alright
i was just looking for it :)
thanks for sharing once again :D

nadyalouise said...

after reading your reviews, i went to carrefour and bought these babes last week and been using them almost everyday..i must say that im so satisfied with the softness of the bristles and the application also good. i bought the crease brush and it just look like a shorter version of ELF blending brush.. good for traveling. i also bought their angle eye brush which is also good.. its bristle is stiff enough for gel eyeliner but it hv short handle like the crease brush which i dont really like. i prefer longer handle like coastal scents angle liner so that my hand wouldnt block my view when applying liner. overall.. i gv them 4/5 :)