June 04, 2009

Review: MakeUpForEver Super Mat Loose Powder in Translucent No12

I've long known about this powder, and have given it a try twice in the past. Both times, I tried a yellow-translucent shade, and a skintone matching shade. Both times I was disappointed. The finish was ashy, it barely controlled oil, even in England, and I just gave up on it altogether. I couldn't see what everyone else loved about it. And then I read ParisB's rave review of it, and I know how exacting her standards are. So then it hit me, maybe the shade you choose makes a difference. I got the one she recommended, Translucent No 12, and guess what? I love it!

Here's my theory
MUFE are a sly bunch. Their much-hyped HD Powder, has been proven to be simply 1o0% silica powder, in a much smaller jar. This large jar of powder is also silica-based. And my guess is, the more translucent it is, the less colouring additives you opt for, the higher the silica content. This results in the poreless, mattifying coverage this shade provides that the others cannot.

Why I love it
It provides a beautiful finish without altering the shade of my foundation. It holds off the oilies as well as Mac Blot, it makes me look poreless, and I can apply and reapply as much as I want during the day without it ever looking cakey. What's not to love?

Oh and when I do decide to have a light day and use a powder foundation or a mineral foundation, this powder helps them adhere and last so much better without getting patchy or sinking into my pores. I'm not sure if it will help on a very very long day. But so far it's helping on half-days. Who needs a primer? Whee!

At RM110, it's not the cheapest of powders until you calculate it's value per gram. As ParisB pointed out, for 28g, it's a worthwhile price. I remember checking out L'Oreal's Translucide loose powder and finding that gram-for-gram MUFE is STILL cheaper. It's also cheaper than MAC's loose powders. Awesome!


Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review!!! I haven't been going to the MUFE store for quite some time :) Maybe I should

plue said...

RM110 seems nice! for 28g, it's still a bit more pricey than my Chacott powder though :P

But hm, the way you describe it makes it like it's the perfect powder!

I think I should go check it out! MUFE, here I come!

evil woman kahani, you made me have more lemmings than usual! :P

Kahani said...

Nikki: I'll be interested if you could play with the different shades (the SA's here at MUFE are not the best)and tell me if my theory has any basis.

Plue: But you can't get chacott here right? I've been wanting to try THAT out. Want to swap samples?

Paris B said...

Woot! You loves it too! Yay! I alternate this between the Lavshuca and it shows no sign of finishing. Sigh... Cannot finish means cannot buy new ones :( But also means great value for money!

Soapaholic said...

Thanks so much for this review! I'd like to try this because I have super oily skin and I'm looking for a good loose powder to control it.:D

Tine said...

I use No 14, and I love it. Doesn't exactly control the oilies on the nose, but I'm not very bothered with that one, as the finish is lovely. I started using mine last Oct and I've only just past the halfway mark!

Kahani said...

ParisB: hahaha what other loose powders are you itching to try? it's not the most glamorous of products. But I love that it WORKS. Thanks for your review, it led me to this. Gosh i love beauty blogs.

Soapaholic: This is one of the better powders out there. I've tried Clinique, L'Oreal, MAC, NYC, pure Silica powder, Kaolin Clay and all the mineral finishing powders you can imagine. It says something that I'm sticking happily with this product!

Tine: What shade is Number 14? Do you have a review on your blog?

plue said...

I got the full tub of Chacott. Managed to get a good price for it quite some time bad. I have a lot la, if you want, I bring some for you the next time we meet :D