June 03, 2009

Sweet Stains: MAC Rose Romance Gel Cheek Blush in Just A Pinch

I rushed this one out ASAP because it's LE. Who knows, there may be a few pots left lurking about, and MAC may re-release it with another collection. Now I'm somewhat torn on this product. I love the formula, the packaging, the ease, the colour and the portability. But... and this is a big but because it's a main reason why I love stains... it doesn't really last the day. *sighs*

Don't let the scary bright colour in the pot fool you, this gel blush is every bit as sheer as Benetint. Both products were swatched twice side by side in the pic below:

It really is a much cooler red than Benetint, and on me it gives a nice brightening flush. In shade it is really quite similar to Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Shade 01.

The formula is delightful, light and non-sticky. Now I normally prefer using brushes, but just for you my dear readers I used my very clean fingers just the once. I found it patted onto my cheeks, over liquid foundation smoothly and blended out very easily. On my lips it feels more moisturising than most stains, and it has no taste whatsoever.

Now I apply it with The Body Shop's Foundation Brush for cheeks, and a mac lip brush - this method works well, if a bit slower. But I do prefer it for reasons of hygiene.

It also has no scent, which was a bit of a surprise as I expected it to smell of roses.

This is where the product falls down. I find I have to apply it far brighter than I normally would beacuse it quietens down quite swiftly to a more muted colour. I'd almost accuse my foundation of drinking it up, if it didn't perform so well with every other blush I have.

It also isn't as lasting, even over Revlon Colorstay. In fact, my powder blushes last longer when patted into my foundation than this blush. Major boo boo. It also won't last beyond the lightest meal on the lips, so it only looks like a lipstain - it won't perform like one.

It really is so pretty, and its portability makes bringing it around to touch up a snap so I can almost forgive it for not lasting as long as a stain should. But then again, it's not really a stain is it? And at RM78, I can't say I regret buying it. It is soooo pretty. =D

Product pic courtesy of Temptalia


Connie De Alwis said...

this looks great! I like that it's moisturizing for the lips. Sometimes i don't like stains on my lips cuz my lips are rough from all the eczema (ew....) and the stain looks very blotchy on them :-/

looking good, Em!

Askmewhats said...

What? that's a gel blush? LOL I thought its a lip tint! I've read so many good stuff about MAC LIP TINTS! So anyways, I'm out of topic, the color does look scary on pot but very pretty on cheeks and swatched! thanks for sharing! AND LE??? goodluck to me! LOL

Kahani said...

Connie: Thanks babe! Then try looking out for this, it gives you the look - and is more even than stains too. =)

NikkiL LOL yes its a blush! But who carreess I use it as a stain too. =P

Jenn said...

Shooo prettyyyyyy!!! Argh, i want!! >.<

Such a pity that it doesn't last long though!!

LyNn said...

the colour is pretty and subtle
too bad its for the cheeks.
you look stunning too!

gio said...

The color is bautiful! Too bad it doesn't last long, though.

petra said...

Ayam going to put a sack over my head. You so pretty Emerlee.

Kahani said...

I've been reading other reviews, and some girls pronounce the blush lasting. Maybe it's just my colour-hungry cheeks?

Lynn: It also works for lips, it just lasts as long as a normal lippy. And cool thing is, you can tote it around to touch up. =)

Gio: It is pretty isn't it? *pats pretty pot*

Petra: Aiyoh woman, you gorgeus lah. And what's with everyone reviving my unfortunate past with men using their accents? "Emerlee" still has the power to make me shudder. Saw him the other day, doubled back and ran the other direction!

petra said...

I'll tell you about my brief encounter with a plumber next time :D

Ouidad said...

Stains can be so nice and light! Thanks for the notes on what stays and what doesn't! Nice post!
Linda for Ouidad