June 11, 2009

Review: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

When researching for the best liner to achieve a "winged" tip, the one that kept getting recommended, again and again, is this - Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner. (What's wrong with their site? Black looks MAROON!)

Right where was I? Ah yes...

I caved and picked up the liner at RM31.80 because my Coastal Scents Gel Liner was getting gunky. Also the idea of being able to swipe on my liner without needing an additional brush was tempting.

After a week's use I can see why this liner is so highly recommended. And I also realise that my dream of not using the liner brush is going to STAY a dream for everyday use.

This is where the product is special. It doesn't use a brush, but a pointed felt-tip applicator that allows maximum control and the absolutely finest tip I've ever seen. If you want to draw wings, heck, if you want to draw flowers, birds, bees you name it you probably can!

Problem is, while it is great for precision, it lays down a very hard thin line which is too hard, thin and black for everyday. So I end up dotting on the liner and smudging it out with ELF Studio's tiny Smudge Brush. The result is wonderful!

When they say blackest black, they MEAN blackest black. It don't come more black than this! And it's smudgeproof and waterproof. Good thing is, once it's on it doesn't budge. Bad thing is, once it's on it doesn't budge so do all your smudging and correcting quick quick before it dries.

I'm aleady loving this liner, and will be happy to use and repurchase it. I aim to get the hang of the wing-tip and maybe one day be able to swipe it on perfectly and not require smudging! We all need something to work towards. ;)


Saito Florence said...

I love this liquid liner,I had in brown & I use it everyday.The best part is it doesn't smudge.I don't like eye liner to smudge & it's make your e/s look messy.Maybe I should buy black :)

Askmewhats said...

Hmm I wonder if my "unfinished comment" got through gosh! I'm not done typing and it got sent! sorry

Anyways, I was checking if the felt tip liner is super hard? I find it hard to use felt tipped liner liquid liners....I use them mostly to line the band of the falsies!!! and probably just to "wing" the liner..but not as a liner as a whole :) Thanks in advance!

plue said...

oooh! i haven't venture into revlon for ages!

perhaps i shall give this a try. but me no good in eyelining. always comes out wonky :P

Kahani said...

saito florence: Hey there, thanks for dropping us a line. They don't even sell brown here, which is a shame because I don't always like the drama of black eyeliner. But yes it's gloriously unsmudgeable. =D

Nikki: It is pretty hard, which is why I use the smudge brush to smudge it out once I've dotted it on. I view it as having the best of both worlds. Precision and great formula. =)

Plue: Practice practice practice? But honestly dear, if you use the method I do it's fool proof. You dot it on and smudge it out. No hard lines means no wonkiness.

Jenn said...

Another rave for this one!! Looks like i'll have to try this out out soon... it sounds like it may be a waterproof version of my beloved Loreal Superliner! :D

Eli said...

I can check if they have brown here, honey! Stocktake sales are on this week so I can check it out for you.

plue said...

I wonder if your tip will work even for those that come with really soft tip, like a brush kind?

will do some practice tho... waterline are easier to do that normal eyelining!

Connie De Alwis said...

your review makes this very very tempting!

Kahani said...

Jenn: I've heard it compared. I think the tip is similar. =)

Eli: Ooh thanks babe. Only if it's around the same price though.

Plue: It should! Now why didn't I think of that...

Connie: You just wanna use it to draw precision designs don't you?

prettybeautiful said...

i need precision, smudgeproof n all too! thanks for the review, will go check and see if they have any tester :D

LyNn said...

i love the auto pencil version of this too.
btw here's something for you girls:
have fun :D

Kerry said...

Hi everyone,
I love those "felt-tip like" applicators too. To get a thicker line, just lay the applicator down on it's side and slide along the lash line - leaves a lovely line which starts off thin and ends up thicker.

Kitty said...

Hi I am badly looking for this liner but i am not getting it anywhere can somebody help.