July 21, 2009

*Edited! Beauty Mistake: Pressing Silk Naturals Mineral Eyeshadows with Fyrinnae Powder Modifier

I had such high hopes for this pressing medium.wonderfully affordable, and sold in an eye-drop bottle it was perfect, shipping and quantity-wise.
As you can see I had everything all laid out neatly, ready to boast about my perfect, lovely eyeshadow palette with my four favourite Silk Naturals colours - Honey, Velvet, Vogue, and Olive You.

And just LOOK isn't it absolutely lovely? I got the magnetic compact from Coastal Scents for $4.99 sometime back with a project like this in mind. It's solid and professional looking and magnetised so you can well worth the price. But...

Edit: ladies I'm so sorry - I seem to be having some problems with using blogger on the blackberry. In this case half my post disappeared! Ish.

Anyway, this gorgeous palette was a beauty mistake because as soon as I touched it with a brush the next morning it crumbled to bits!

I tried mixing one with water, another with alcohol, a third with a bit of both, and one more with a lot of alcohol - none of them worked! All fell apart. Boo!

Fortunately I was able to carefully scrape out the shadow and save most of it in jars so they aren't wasted. But oh I was so sad!

Anyone know of a way to press SN shadows?


LyNn said...

wow it really does look lovely!
as if you bought the palette
so perfect!

but just wondering..
why does the title state
beauty mistake?

Askmewhats said...

can't even tell its pressed pigment! you've done it so well :) Looks like a lancome palette

Mellerson said...

I use the Coastal Scents EZ press, and I find that you can't use it alone else your shadows come out very "greasy". What works best for me is using alcohol to help moisten up the mixture. I'll use something like 15 drops of the pressing medium (should be very crumbly) and then the rest alcohol until I get it to cake batter texture and then I press.

Eli said...

Aloe vera gel with rubbing alcohol. =) Yes, the write up is coming soon!

Kahani said...

Lynn: Thanks so much for pointing it out dear! I just corrected the stupid post (Blogger + Blackberry = FAIL) and you'll see that the Beeyootifuul palette crumbles to dust as soon as I tried to use it. *cries*

Nikki: Read it now. *wails*

Mellerson: Thanks for the tips dear, did you use it with SN shadows?

Eli! I want to knooooww!

Askmewhats said...

Ouchi! so sorry about that!!! Crumbled?? Oh no, I can't be of help though as I've never pressed a loose pigment yet! :) Hope everything will turn out ok, maybe you needed more pressing medium?

Eli said...

I still trying to tweak the ratios though. Am getting pretty odd results with different brushes. Swiping with my finger doesn't make the pigment crumble but some of my e/s brushes makes it crumble a bit. Also haven't tried traveling with them yet although I have thrown some of the pressed pans (pre-brushing) across the room without any breaking. I'll prob be done experimenting in another 3 weeks.

LyNn said...

owh dear!
thats bad :(
but it really does looked so perfect!

Ghost said...

Hey Kahani

Your palette looks lovely (made me realise I'm missing a few e/s from my own SN crack collection lol).
Mellerson said she uses CS EZ press and I remember a post of yours saying worldwide shipping is high (you weren't kidding on that). Well www.beautyfromtheearth.com sell the CS EZ press (as well as the gel liners and empty palettes), but their shipping under $50 is $6 and anything over $50 is $2. Much cheaper then CS. Hope this helps. Right off to SN to get the colours missing from my life lol

Tine said...

Looks fantastic!
I've pressed several Silk Naturals eyeshadow, but didn't really like the outcome. Smelled too strong of alcohol.

Kahani said...

Ghost: Thank youuu! I may give it a try. =D

Tine: Ooh really? What formula did you use? It's just so much easier to have everything in one palette...