July 20, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Ever tried using hairspray to remove pen ink? I've never even heard of this, until Beaut.ie blogged about it. Handy tip to try!

Speaking of ink removal, my colleague had a highlighter go crazy in her bag. We found that hand sanitizer had enough alcohol to remove the stains. But where it has completely soaked through the cloth, it was terribly hard to get out.

If you were lucky enough to find a gorgeous vintage compact, Vixen Vintage has a great tute on cleaning it out and getting it ready to tote around in your bag.

Whitening lotions may not make you fairer quickly, but they seem to work much faster on fingernails. My nails were slightly yellowed by nailpolish (too lazy to use a basecoat - my bad) and within a week of using Garnier Bodylight on my hands and arms my nails were all pretty and white again. Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm sorry to report that the formula for Clairol Herbal Essences in Long Term Relationship sold in Malaysia is smells more like shampoo and less like raspberry smoothie than the formula I bought in China. Boo!


Eli said...

Thanks for the Vintage Vixen link. I do have a lovely silver vintage compact lying somewhere at home. Used to be Mum's then I swiped it when I was 10 because it was just so pretty!

Kahani said...

Eli Ooh so luckyyy!

I secretly (ok now not so secretly) want one!