July 02, 2009

DIY Beauty/ Beauty Disaster: Carrot Face Mask

This isn’t so much of a tutorial than a warning. Always, always, ALWAYS do a patch test first before you decide to try anything, especially when it comes to DIY kitchen stuff. Your brilliant guinea pig here went all gung ho, decided not to patch test and owie, I ended up with rashes all over my face.

But you are still willing to give this a try and want to follow in the footsteps of Sung Hye-Kyo,* the recipe is... 3 portions grated carrot, 2 portions yogurt and 1 portion flour to bind it all up. If you have forgotten your ratios from school, think of it as 3 teaspoons carrot, 2 teaspoons yogurt and 1 teaspoon flour.

Of course, you don’t have to follow these proportions strictly. I used very much less and still ended up with rashes. *sigh*

Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off to hopefully clearer skin.

Anyway, what this mask is supposed to do – if it doesn't give you rashes, that is – is help clear up acne and brighten up your complexion. It seems that Song Hye-Kyo attributes her perfect skin to this face mask and does it a few times every week.

Takers, anyone?

* For non-Korean drama fanatics, she’s a Korean actress who shot to fame after acting opposite Rain in Full House.


Jenn said...

Yikes!! I hope your rash is healed by now!! >.<

Thanks for the warning!! I'm also one of those "brave" people too who almost never perform a patch test before using anything new!! :P

Connie De Alwis said...

I really ought to start doing patch tests! I get allergic reactions one too many times *sighs* Where do you reckon is the best area to do a test?

I hope your rash is cleared! poor thing >.<

prettybeautiful said...

awww :( hope u are recovered by now. i am also one of the adventurous ppl. lol. always ended up with allergies here n there

Eli said...

Thanks, girls! The rashes cleared after a day so I am all good now. =)

Connie, the best place for a patch test is supposed to be the inside of your arm. The skin there is thinner and if you get a rash, at least you can cover up with long sleeves instead of putting a paper bag over your face.

Tine said...

Eeeeppss. Glad to know your skin's cleared up now. I have to remember to do patch tests as well. Unfortunately I always take for granted that stuff are going to work for me :P

Kahani said...

Eli: But for pimple breakouts, nowhere will DO but my face. Since i've never seen a pimple on my inner wrist and I patch test a lot there. Only in my case... it's called "swatches". =P

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Oh dear, the mix is probably gave you the skin reaction.

I've seen her younger pictures (Song Hye Kyo), she doesn't really have much problem with her skin. That's really the best of her. So taking care of her skin is almost effortless.

I ate carrot a lot when I was younger, and almost turn into the color. LOL!

Eli said...

I should try testing pimple stuff on my back actually. Have many a pimple there since i came to Australia. *looks at pretty backless dresses and sighs sadly*

Kahani said...

Eli: i find a bath lily and regular scrubbing really helps with bacne. Also, check your body wash? I find creamier ones can cause breakouts.