July 01, 2009

Review: Stage Wunderluxe Lipstick and Wondergloss

I was a lucky girl at the Stage blogger event as I managed to nail both a Wonderluxe Satin Matte lipstick in Baby Blossom (RM48) and a Wondergloss in Venus (RM55). Ok.. I swapped to GET the Wondergloss in Venus, it's a firm favourite of mine as you'll soon see.

Both products smell of vanilla (but not overwhelmingly so, thank goodness) and are very luxuriously packaged. Although the Wondergloss tube does remind me strongly of Revlon's glosses... ah well, the creators of Stage are sole distributors for Revlon. They must be in the know. ;)


By a happy coincidence I got a cool and a warm shade to play with and both work well for me! Baby Blossom is very cool, almost lavender shade with enough pink to perk it up and ensure I dont' look like a frozen corpse.

The satin-matte formula isn't heavy at all and is very pigmented. It also isn't drying which is what you may expect. It makes a very mature, sophisticated shade perfect for work.

The finish is interesting. Although it's matte in the sense it has no shimmer or gloss, it isn't a true matte. As you can see it still has a natural-finish and doesn't sink to my lip lines. Likey!

Wondergloss in Venus is one of those crazy versatile shades and formulas you can't live without. On its own its cushiony formula, high shine and shimmer makes for very voluptuous lips. Shade-wise it's perfect when paired to an intense smokey-eyed look.

For day-wear I also love the effect it has when layered over a sheer red lippie. It makes for a perfect shade. It's also very handy for toning down too-bright shades. You know the ones that have the exact tone you need but are too intense for your look? Slap this on, it brings it down and warms it up nicely.

Both the lippies are high-quality and reasonably priced. And now with a BOGOF (buy-one-get-one-free) offer on till July 6, I'm so tempted to go INSANE and get two more lipsticks and two more glosses... HELP! (anyone wanna share with me?)


Connie De Alwis said...

ooh ooh! The Venus gloss! so pretty!

plue said...

oooh! pretty lips!

Kahani said...

Connie: LOL Yes I knew you've looooove Venus! =D

Plue: Thanks dear. =)

Jenn said...

Shoooo pretty!!! BOGOF is such a great deal!! :D

Syen said...

Eeek! I waaaaants the gloss! I waaaants.... =P

PS: Did you swap it with me? Or no. I can't remember no more.

Tine said...

The Wondergloss you got me (in Sophia) is gorgeous. It's my MLBB lippie now :P

Cassandra said...

OMG looks great!!!

petra said...

revlon does not animal test. do you know what is stage's stance on the matter? :)

Syen said...

I've been a baaaad girl. I went to Stage and got 4 glossies from their BOGOF offer. =P

But it's totally worth it! Love 'em glossies! =D

Kahani said...

Tine: Hoorah! So happy =D

Cassandra: Thank you! Btw Stage has a gloss with your name and it's a lovely lovely pink with silver shimmer. =D

Petra: Stage as a company doesn't animal test as they outsource their cosmetics. The staff there then test it on themselves and tweak the formulas till they're happy. I cannot vouch for the companies who supply to them though.

Syen: LOL but they are PRETTYYY... we must be careful not to flood the blog with stage glosses... =P I love the two I got at the BOGOF. LOVE them.

petra said...

thanks em!