July 16, 2009

Lancome UV Expert Voucher & Contest (yes, again)

It seems there were some problems with the last contest that encouraged you to forward the flyer around. Well the folks at Lancome have reissued it just for beauty blog readers (that means you!)

Print it out and take it along to the counters. Forward it around, CC'ing uvexpert@lancome.com.my to win the contest. Happy sampling ladies!

Promtion valid till July 31.


Shortcake said...

Check out the lancome vintage convertible! http://shortcaketales.blogspot.com/2009/07/vintage-cars-for-beauty.html

Kahani said...

Hey Shortcake, goodness that is an interesting marketing approach! Thanks for pointing it out. =) Are you grabbing a sample for yourself?

Shortcake said...

Nope, did not grab any sample and I'm too lazy to do the email blast thingy ..., I'll wait for your review :) *heehee*