July 16, 2009

Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Magenta Rose

High impact is exactly the right description for this lippie! Even in a sweet shade like magenta rose, the lipstick is pure, bright pigment. While not exactly matte, there is no shimmer or shine in the colour. Instead it has a slightly creamy finish.

Magenta rose is a bright pink with mauve and brown undertones to add depth. In any other lipstick formula, it would be a lovely MLBB shade. However with high impact the colour payoff on the lips is exactly what it is in the tube.

The formula is not thick, and you'll feel like there's nothing on your lips. While I love the appearance of a tint, I do like some cushioning to even out my lip lines. I like that the formula isn't drying, but I still prefer to use it over lip balm.

Because the shade is so bright my fave application method is to swipe it on only the lower lip and then moosh my lips together. The sheer application of pigment makes precisely the shade I want. I also love topping with clear gloss or liquid lipbalm.

Because it is so pigmented this lipstick is very long lasting. It will fade after meals, but it fades prettily and evenly.

At about RM70 I find this sophisticated lipstick well worth the price as you won't find a formula like this in cheaper lipsticks. I was lucky enough to receive this tube to review and am now lemming a true red shade (of course). I can see how this formulation would be perfect for a strong red lippie.


Askmewhats said...

Clinique makes wonderful lippies and this one is no exception! looks great on your lips!!!*muwah*

Eli said...

First thought when I saw the swatch was, "Eh... Looks like my crayons!" =P I am pretty damn sure I had a crayon in that exact magenta shade when I was a kid.

From crayons to lipsticks -- what an upgrade.

Meldee said...

*coos* Ooh, preeeeetty! I think my first lippie was from Clinique, from my mum. Baby's Breath, I think it was called.

Anonymous said...

I love Clinique's lipstick esp their butter shine range. Very creamy and comfortable on the lips. Think i'll try their high impact lipsticks one of these days. I also like the fact that their lipsticks are fragrance-free.