August 12, 2009

I liked it... Nivea's Cherry Lipbalm

What are the chances that I have actual cherries on hand at the time of the photoshoot? No more cherries now, all gone, om nom nom. Btw why don't real cherries taste or smell ANYTHING like fake cherry flavouring? Even with strawberry flavouring I can sorta see the faint resemblence, but with cherry flavours - it's like someone decided to invent a scent and taste and call it "cherry". *shakes head in puzzlement*

So when you read my review of Nivea's Strawberry lipbalm you KNEW I wouldn't hold out long before getting the one in cherry. Well, guess what... you were right! And now I love them both so much I actually alternate them throughout the day (yes yes I know I'm dotty - but I don't want either to feel neglected...)

Nivea Star Fruits Cherry Lipbalm is every bit as luscious, juicy, and pigmented as its Strawberry sister. It's a rosier colour, cooler and more berry-like than warmer strawberry and I use this when I choose cooler blushes.

Both colours are so sheer and pretty though that they'd suit anyone. And at RM6.71 a pop right now - why not get both?

New formula
Meldee brought her old-formula cherry lip balm for me to see and sure enough the scent was more cough-mixtury, the texture dry, and the finish downright matte. Thank goodness they fixed it!

While still fake, the new formula smells more like cherry candy as Shortcake reported (thanks babe!). As you can see, the finish is glossy and juicy and the balm itself very moisturising. ME LOVES.

I don't think I can rave enough about this. I now want to get my hands on the Nivea Star Fruits Lip Balm in Pink Grapefruit. Oh why isn't it available herreeee??? *waaails*


Connie De Alwis said...

I think I'll get one for myself too! :D your lips look so so so juicy!

plue said...

pink grapefruit?

now that's mine! :D

i adore pink grapefruit to bits! Bahahahah! even my perfumes have to that sweet scent!

but goodness, ur lips looks soooooo juicy!

AskMeWhats said...

I have this! i haven't started using this yet...because I'm finishing up the 3 current ones that are on different location / places lol I can't wait to use this, I am excited!

Meng Xue said...

wow, really looks good. I didn't choose it that time I was out to pick a new lip balm. Always a little turned off by the ingredients in Nivea. But you make it so tempting...

Kahani said...

Connnie: Mwah!

Plue: Gosh yes I'd love a tube of pink grapefruit myself. I know it's not as dark a pink but the smeeellll

Nikki: LOL how's your self-control doing girl?

Meng Xue: think of it as an ultra-moisturising affordable liptint?