August 27, 2009

Looks: Sweatproof look to run the Rat Race

Here's my attempt at creating a fresh and natural sweatproof look for the KL Rat Race. I know my lips look rather bright here but as you'll see it's partially the lighting and partially accounting for fading because it looks more natural later on. Here's what I used...

After prepping with a high-spf product. Revlon colorstay as foundation and concealer. Lightly set with MUFE super mat loose powder.

Cheeks & Lips
Benetint of course for everything-proof natural tint. Two coats on the lips with lip balm over. Gently patted into cheeks with a foundation brush. Not too much - exercise will make me red enough!

Here's the tricky bit. After prepping with MAC Paintpot as a liner, I patted a mid-tone matte brown from the NYX Copacabana Trio Eyeshadow into the crease and to slightly contour. Then blended in with thr matte pink shade to subtly brighten. Using a slanted eyeliner brush, I used the darkest brown in the trio as a liner. Finally I curled my lashes and used a waterproof, smudgeproof subtle mascara that isn't too lenghtening or volumnising but will help define and hold a curl. In this case I used Stage Divine Lash mascara.

Power up
Then maske sure you eat high energy food. The meal of the champions like...

Never could resist sugar donuts. :P

I think the overall look held up rather well. No embarrassing melting or running. Fading is a given. Also I didn't break out badly afterwards either. For some after (and during) pics check out this post on my fashion blog, Frocking Around.


LyNn said...

looking awesome and your lips look so smoothhh :)
lip tint seems to dry my lips up :(

Askmewhats said...

Hey girl! Morning! You seriously have fresh looking face on ALL your FOTDs!!!! That sugar donut looks yummy!

Jenn said...

You look great Kahani!! The picture of you with the donut is too cute!! I love sugared donuts too! hehehe! :D

Kahani said...

Lynn: I dump lots of lipbalm over it!

Nikki: Yesh it was. It was a gloria jeans sugar donut. And since it was ladies' day it was discounted. WHEE!

Thanks Jenn!

gio said...

You look gorgeous and so fresh! And I love sugar donuts too!

Connie De Alwis said...

donut! I saw your running pics and you were looking fab! benetint stays on forever. Lol

Ghost said...

pretty, oh so pretty kahani. Of course I'm speaking of the doughnut - just kidding. I can never seem to pull off a natural - mental note must try harder.

Kahani said...

Gio & Connie: aww thanks so muc ladies.

Ghost: LOL so sweet of you to say so. Dear of course you can pull off the natural look, you're a redhead with absolutely lovely colouring. Some suggestions I've come across for caucasian ladies who are off to the gym is to mix a tiny bit of green corrector in with your regular foundation to help neutralise the red tones. The key is tiny. Better no effect than look like a runaway from Wicked. I really think the secret to the natural look is extra care with the foundation so it covers but looks natural, enough of a tint to lips and cheeks so you look pretty, and subtly defined eyes. Go for it!

Ghost said...

ooohhh thanks kanhani I've been thinking of buy SN green corrector boost to add to my foundation. mmmm "subtly defined eyes" you say. See now there's my problem I go for bright and bold eyes (all those e/s colours, so few eyes lol). Thanks for the tips hon, will give it a try :) Ghost