August 28, 2009

Video: Dermatologist on Youtube

Now here's a handy thing, Dr Neal Schultz has set up DermTV where he dispenses bite-sized advice via Youtube on caring for your skin. Gotta love the quirky opening music and his fatherly approach to advice. Here are two handy vids to get you going, on making your hands look younger and dealing with dark undereye circles.


Ghost said...

Okay I may be alone in this (and possibly booed) but am I the only one who thinks lasering the backs of your hands is a little extreme or going to the doctor (dermatologist) for under eye circles. What happened to growing old gracefully? I moisturise everyday (on my face, not my hands) but I draw the line at laser treatment or plastic surgery. Then again some people’s problems maybe worse than mine.

I understand having laser treatment or plastic surgery for disfigurements brought on my accident, disease, birth defects, etc. But having that treatment just to look younger to me seems un-natural (granted I'm in my late 20's so what do I know).

I say eat well, exercise, moisturise and as you get older realise that those spots on your hands, those wrinkles on your face shows that you've lived a life to the fullest :)

Now enough preaching back to the makeup (let the booing commence).

Ghost said...

Okay I just read that and just so you know this isn't me bad mouthing kahani, syen nor eli blog. I love this blog and I love the new tip, tricks and reviews. What I don't entirely agree with is what that doctor is saying.

Kahani said...

Hey Ghost, oh no worries. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I'm totally with you on the sentiment that certain things are too extreme, and I'm glad you feel that way. I found the vids informative when he wasn't talking about derm procedures, and some people may just like to know their options. Thanks for taking the time to share dear. =)