August 18, 2009

Loving Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

You know, it never occured to me before that I'm a Clinique girl. As a brand I never quite identified with it. But looking at the array of Clinique products I now love - because they WORK - I have to conclude that I'm now a Clinique fan. Through and through.

The love affair started with their Clarifying Lotion 2, was furthered by DDMG and now, cemented by moisture surge. This product landed on my lap at a most opportune time. I had run out of Face Oasis and circumstances had left me too broke to replace it. My skin was steadily deteriorating - getting oilier and looking lacklustre. Well as soon as I got home from the Clinique event, I whisked my makeup off and slapped this baby on. An hour later and I was back to hydrated, glowing, happy skin. It's that good.

But I didn't impetuously review it then as I was inclined to do. Nope I've used it daily since then for over a month and now with the jar 1/3 gone I feel ready.

This light creamy pink fragrance-free gel really is a drink of water for your skin. While it claims to have lots of goodies as well all I can promise you is it will hydrate. For ladies with oily skin, it's perfect on it's own - for ladies with dryer skin, layer this under your regular lotion and your skin will thank you.

Unlike Face Oasis, this appears to sink in immediately leaving your skin 'cashmere smooth'. However I do believe it sits around as long - its formula just allows for a dryer feeling surface unlike Oasis which leaves skin tacky till it sinks in. This does make clinique's offering better for daytime use as you won't have to hang around waiting for it to sink in.

That my skin adores gel moisturisers is now a given. And moisture surge is awesome for it. No breakouts just hydrated glowing skin. I am however slightly convinced that Face Oasis leaves my skin looking happier in the morning. But this is just my opinion. From chatting with them, it seems both ParisB and Beetrice prefer Moisture Surge. :)

At RM160 a jar it's about the same price as Face Oasis, but Clinique often has better GWP offers. I will start putting RM50 aside a month to restock when it runs out because I refuse to go without one or the other again!

More reasons to love Clinique

Isn't this adorable? I got a card in the mail inviting me in to retest my skin. This isn't a beauty blogger offer mind you - it's one anyone who gets their skin classified by clinique gets. Their testing proved that I was still classified as 'oily skintype 3' and they gave me this adorable travel set. Whee! Now I'll never be without my 3-step system.

What are your fave Clinique products?


parisb said...

I have to agree with you about how this sinks in faster than face oasis does. The latter can be a bit of a pain when I'm itching to put on my sunscreen but can't because its still tacky on the skin. I've set it aside for now but methinks I'm going to take it back out of storage and give it another go.

AskMeWhats said...

I have so many favorite on Clinique products and Moisture surge is definitely one of them, I've finished up 2 huge tub (the biggest size available) in a year in a half! love it!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

Is this the same as Moisture Surge Extra? I've only tried that one and it stung my skin :(
Good to know that this product is a winner in your books! I'm probably the odd one out who doesn't find Face Oasis' stickiness a con. I generally don't like products that absorb too fast.

beetrice said...

ditto what paris said about MS sinking in faster than FO..I'm still miffed about the 'retest your skin' promo though - i got mine in an online printout, and passed by the pavilion outlet so thought i would drop by and get it done.

the lady there just curtly told me "must make appointment". hello? nowhere on the printout did it say i had to make an appointment, and the shop was literally EMPTY. i mean, if the shop had been bustling i would have understood, but come on!

i left without bothering about the retest - given the history, it seems that i'm not meant to have a good experience with Clinique counters in Msia!

Kahani said...

PB & Bee: I find if I use oasis very sparingly it sinks in faster. But if you have dry skin that's not a comfy option for you i guess. Btw *hugs* for turning me onto garnier! So far skin loving it *crosses fingers and toes* I can't begin to say how much I want an RM20 option!

Bee: ARGH that's annoying. I did the same and they tested me. Thing is the last Clinique girl I encountered in 1U refused to believe I was oily (have these ppl not heard of oil control products?) and classified me as combination. The DDML broke me out and the Clarifying in 2 did NOTHING. So I had to stand there and argue with them till I got my Skintype 3 set. *sighs* They were nice enough but I hate their "we know better" attitude when they really don't.

Connie: I think this is the new, reformulated version. It's supposed to be even MORE chun - maybe you'd better stick to Face Oasis.

Nikki: Babe I don't know if you have Garnier in the Philippines, but you gotta try their Aqua Defence Moisture essence. At 1/8 the price it will save you a packet! YAY for gel moisturisers!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

well, i think I'll get this baby once my Face Oasis running out.. I'm not really a fan of Face Oasis as i can't stand the sticky tacky feeling.

Eli said...

I have tried the Moisture Surge eye gel and I am not a fan of it. Took ages to use up as well. I'll KIV this once I am done with the other 3 night creams in my cupboard and summer comes along...

MilknCookiie said...

I had a sample jar of it and decided to try it out since there are many good reviews about it. It's quite nice during day in the summer, but it's a little bit too dry for me in the winter. I think this product is better for people with more oily skin, since it isn't quite cheap if you have to keep buying all the other steps too.

I'm using Dr. G's Sprinkling Gel Cream and it works amazing. It's about $30 for 50ml so it's not expensive at all. :D Maybe something for your next purchase?

- Cookiie♥

Tine said...

Haha, am I the only one who bought the Face Oasis to replace the Moisture Surge? :P I love the Moisture Surge, but wanted to give the Face Oasis a try after reading all of your rave reviews. I have yet to try that one out as my Moisture Surge is just about to reach the halfway mark.

Anyway, about the Moisture Surge Extended Relief, I actually prefer this one to the original Moisture Surge as it's richer, but not enough to make my oily skin scream bloody murder.

I've always loved Clinique skincare products, have been using the 3-step system ever since I was 13 :P Favourite products - DDMG, Moisture Surge, and the Turnaround range (the Turnaround range ROCKS. For me anyway).