August 03, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Just in case you think I'm pulling your leg about the wonders of Johnson's Head to Toe Body Wash, too has posted regarding its superpowers. Check it out ;)

Ooh maybe I'm slow on the uptake, but I just found out Bobbi Brown has a collection of how-to videos on her site. I've always known she had a few but the archive factor was lacking till now. Plus check out her new Nude Collection, pretty!

Check out Tine's handy dandy beauty tip to help prevent your tubes of product from gushing after a flight. I can't tell you how often this has happened to me! =(

Love the Aspirin Mask, hate the fuss? Well I can't BELIEVE it's taken me this long to figure it out. But if you let the pills soak in a tiny amount of water/cetaphil/aloe-vera gel they get mushy enough for you to spread them into a fine paste. Bah to crushing dry pills, BAH I say!


plue said...

Johnson's is definitely a keeper! bought another bottle ady to back up since i use them like almost everyday and ditching every other item!

thanks to ur recommendation! :P

Jenn said...

I gotta check the J&J wash after i finish my current milk one! :D

Kahani said...

plue: I still haven't found a face wash I like more. And I've tried a LOT. =D

Jenn: It's not as moisturising as milk though - but it works great as a facial cleanser.

jeen said...

the bobbi brown palette looks gorgeous. i missed out on the stonewased nudes one and have been kicking myself ever since :(
any idea if it has reached malaysian shores yet?

Kahani said...

Hi jeen, judging by the M'sian site: I'd have to say not yet. It does look yummy doesn't it? I think the palette can be used as a customizable palette too - so you can swap other colours in and out - which would be awesome!