July 31, 2009

Video: Friday is for working those glasses!

I hate my spectacles so much I never wear them in public. But some ladies (who have less flat faces than I) can really work those frames. This video is a decent guideline on using makeup to work with and accentuate your eyes with glasses.

I do have some reservations about her total look though. While I agree with most of her tips, I really dislike the false lashes on the lower lashline and the poor blending of the blue eyeshadow/liner. While I think her point of emphasising the lower lashline is valid, I think the false lashes look rather sily and give her a droopy hush-puppy look. So take what's useful and toss the rest. =)

Tip: Short-handled brushes are best for near-sighted ladies. It lets you get nearer the mirror so you can see clearly.

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