August 14, 2009

Video: Gym / Sports Makeup!

Yes, yes I know ideally the skin should be left bare. But there are CUTE GUYS at the gym ladies! (uhh I think so, I don't actually go to the gym so my info is suspect) So we all wanna primp a little. I was researching sweat-friendly makeup for The Edge KL Rat Race on Tuesday. Now I couldn't wear a dress and no makeup could I? I'll be writing about what I used and how it worked out next week. =)

This slightly goofy video is by far my favourite. Although... I won't actually be doing much of anything she recommends. But then she clearly has perfect skin and oil control isn't a big issue for her. *sighs*


Eli said...

Effing hell, its been AGES since I saw that cina box of rice powder. Never used it for my face BUT it works a treat foooorrr *drumroll* cleaning tarnished costume jewelry.

Kahani said...

Eli What reaally?? HOW? Tee hee...

I have to admit the amount the girls on MUA are raving about Palladio makes me want to hunt it up myself.

Eli said...

Just rub the powder all over the ornament then wipe it off with a piece of cloth to reveal shiny. The tarnish really comes off.

I know you can get this in old Chinese shops. But I don't think they have upgraded to the new packaging. It might still come in cake form inside a yellow box with Chinese characters on it.

Oh, pasar malam pun ada if you can't find it.

Janice said...

LoL!! i wonder is that rubbing lashes to create heat thingy works. haha. should try next time.

Traclyn Yeoh said...

I agree with Eli, you can actually find the rice powder from night market. and that's like a long ago powder, my late grandma use them too. I should give that product a try. I have like a tub of rice tablets and if I crush them I wonder if it works the same.

Thanks for the great vid!

Petra said...

Er. It's nice she doesn't take herself too seriously. But a bit too goofy? She does a neat dodge, though.

Watching the amount she put on makes me wonder what she does at the gym. A good workout makes you SWEAT. Tinted moisturiser may work but everything else might run - did you find her tips useful for your run?

Would say stick to tweezed eyebrows, waterproof mascara and tinted lipbalm if you must. And powder if you want to correct skin.

Love sweating and looking like shit at the gym - it's leting your hair down :D