September 21, 2009

Monday's beauty bits

Much as I hate to talk up Sasa, it's selective store also carries Prestige Loving Minerals (but not the regular line) and Natio. While Natio is very reasonably priced (the eye gel Eli recommended is only RM44) Prestige is decidedly overpriced!

Maybe I'm feeling mellow toward Sasa for once because, for the first time ever, I received excellent sales service! *gasp* She hovered but at a decent distance and gave off benevolent helpful vibes instead of stalkerish, i-know-you-wanna-steal-something vibes. She was also knowledgeable and spoke good English. Must go back and get her name!

Beware of the brown Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara - unless that is you WANT brown mascara. I didn't. But except for a small brown sticker on the base of the tube there is no warning that the mascara is anything but black. Having said that I love the formula so far!

If you have dry cuticles like I do and don't have cuticle balm or hand cream to use
, use your lipbalm. It works just as well. just be sure to clean your hands well before using and don't use tinted balm - your fingers will look gory!


prettybeautiful said...

wow i didnt know we can double lip balm as cuticle balm. awesome tips! thanks girl :D

LyNn said...

love the tip girl!
owh and i totally agree about the mascara issue cause my mum too bought the wrong one.
such a small sticker and its so easy to miss!
honestly i hate SaSa and i only go there if i need something i can't find elsewhere or if they have really great discounts (which i doubt)

Kahani said...

prettyB: If you can use vaseline.. you can use lipbalm! But better only to use it in a pinch - after all it's not designed to be non greasy!

Lynn: Glad to help! And yeah BIGGER sticker ppl! Or at least warn there's more than one colour. I'm with you on Sasa but hey I found ONE good SA there!

Cherish Cyndi said...

My sister bought the wrong colour of the Maybelline mascara as well