September 30, 2009

Review: Sukin Cream Cleanser

I have been cautiously dabbling in organic products for the past few months as SLS-free products help reduce my after-bathing rashes (read here). Keyword being "cautious" as I have encountered some organic products with essential oils which caused rashes to bloom in spectacular patterns and sizes.

You can imagine that I approached this cream cleanser with some amount of trepidation then. I like Sukin as it's a really affordable Aussie organic brand and as a general rule, I prefer cream cleansers for double cleansing instead of oil. Oil cleansers just wreck havoc on my poor skin.

Sukin products tend to come with a citrus scent and this is no exception (sorry, Kahani. It's an orange citrus scent, not grapefruit). The product itself is a rather thick cream which spreads out quite easily over the face. It is easily removed as well with some warm water or damp cotton without leaving your skin feeling odd.

Unfortunately, it doesn't remove makeup as effectively as I hoped it would. I could still find some traces of foundation on my skin after washing the cream off and had to take extra care in washing my face with my second cleanser. On another note, it didn't seem to cause any breakouts or skin problems while I was using this (I have since finished the bottle).

Verdict? I would give this 3 out 5. Not great but not a bad product either. You could either use this in the morning on its own or doubled up with another cleanser in the evening. I am not planning to repurchase it though.

Sukin cream cleanser is pretty affordable at AUD 9.90 for 125ml but I would give this a miss unless you are planning to try organic products.


prettybeautiful said...

i have tested some sukin moisturizer on my hand before, and in some seconds, my hands started to turn red n itchy. uhhhh i think i am really staying far away frm sukin products now.

Meldee said...

Oooh wherechu get it from Eli? My Aussie trip is in a few months (five, and counting) and I plan on hitting up stores big time. Er, provided I can remember my keycard PIN T_T

Eli said...

prettyb: Aiyee, that sounds awful. I haven't tried any of their moisturisers yet so I'll keep your experience in mind. Probably the essential oils set you off.

Mel: Eh, I think most Pricelines should stock it. If not, check your nearest health food shop. So you are coming over after CNY?

Meldee said...

Yuppa, after CNY! :D

herbal remedies said...

This gentle cream cleanser removes make-up and surface grime as it nourishes the skin with oils of rosehip, avocado and wheat germ. It also perfect for all skin types especially dry and sensitive.

Kahani said...

herbal remedies, this is NOT the first time i've caught you spamming my blog. Because your comment, however vague, is relates somewhat to the post i'll let it stand. But if you continue to link back to vitabits which can jolly well PAY to link on our site if they so choose, i will delete every single comment you leave and I will report you to google. Be warned.