September 28, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bit: Scrub that face!

Yes, just one Bit. Seeing as I don't really have bits to share with you girls today, I thought I'd introduce you to a neat little product I've only recently found.

On a trip to Daiso last week, I was slightly heartbroken to find my (new) favourite variety of blotters gone. I don't know if they're just sold-out, or Daiso doesn't carry blotters anymore, but I sure hope they put it back on the racks. Fast.

But all the scouring around led to finding something else instead - a Face Washing Brush. Yes, you read me right.

As you can see, that thingy I'm holding is a brush for the face. And for RM5 a piece, it was cheap enough for me to entertain my curiosity. Kahani took a look at it and went, "I think I'll pass."

So how did the face brush perform?

Rather well, actually. No wait, let me rephrase that. I was MIGHTY impressed. You'll find out why a little further down.

The packaging states that the brush is made of silicone, and it's really soft enough to not irritate or hurt the skin. Although, I'm not quite sure if people with "weak skin" should be using it. Whatever THAT means. =P

(Just a little note of caution though. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you might want to use scrubby very gently.)

After round 1 of cleansing my face, I gave scrubby a quick rinse, squeezed some Johnson's Top-to-Toe wash in my palm, and started lathering it up with it. After that I just started scrubbing my face in a circular motion, covering my entire face, and focusing on my nose area. I also scrubbed along my hairline and jawline, which resulted in a really clean, and well-exfoliated face. Nice.

So what's so great, you ask? Just a little additional information I think I should share with you. Sitting atop my nose, for the last few MONTHS I might add, has been this enormous black/white head which just refuses to go away no matter what I do. Facials, squeezing, Neem face mask, Kose face mask (which works great at removing the minor white heads) etc etc, NOTHING worked. This evil head had given itself permanent residence status.

But lo' and behold. By the time scrubby (who comes with bad translation) was done, the black head just popped to the surface, and squeezing it out (all 3mm of it) was easy peasy. Awesome.

I was very impressed. Aren't you??

I also love the fact that scrubby is small enough for me to bring along should I go travelling. And it works with whatever cleanser you have. I personally prefer one that lathers up to go with it.

PS: Kahani told me to give her time to get it before this post came up. Just in case she can't find any left. LOL.


MilknCookiie said...

Oh wow, this sounds great. I wish I could get it here, but I doubt I can find it. :\ Maybe Sasa has something similar? Hehehe.. * total addict *

★ Cookiie

Lisa J. said...

You, my friend, have just created a lemming. :P I have problems with stubborn blackheads too. Thanks for reviewing this. ^^

plue said...

i have this! but a different version, but i think a lot of places selling now, not only daiso :)

it does help scrubbing and all, but really, sensitive skin may wanna stay out of this, a little too harsh sometimes. and my face hate this thing in the mornings! but love it when i go home after work n need to get my face clean :D

beetrice said...

3mm?!? o.O hmm...for the price I may just get it to try...haha... :D

prettybeautiful said...

i have the blackhead scrubber which u wear it on 2 of your fingers. was excited about it. but it didn't impress me and finally it has been forgotten now..hehehe

Eli said...

Looks like the brush I used to scrub my school shoes with! But 3mm? That's impressive.

Meldee said...

Oooh where's the picture of the 3mm-er?! I'm always (sickly) fascinated by such things o_O

Syen said...

Cookiie: I'm not sure if they have something similar is Sasa. I've never given a thorough check there before. But one can always look, and always hope. LOL. =P Good luck!

Lisa J: You're most welcome babe. Scrubby is possibly one of the most impressive products I've ever come across with such instant results. =P

Plue: I only use it after work, never in the morning. And not even everyday, at that. Hehe..

Bee: Yes, 3mm. Scary. It was huuuge!

Prettybeautiful: Aww... even if I don't see it digging out black/white heads everyday, it's nice to know my skin's exfoliated. LOL.

Eli: Scary, more like. Who knew that such a huge monster had been residing in my nose for so long! o.0

Meldee: You.are.gross. =P I flushed it down the sink. Sorry, no such piccie for your fascination. LOL.

Zwala said...

i always wanted a sensitive scrub for my i always love to go with loofah for my body..
think this is one of them..??
but ive got acne prone skin..haha..lucky me.. :P