September 09, 2009

Riding the Wave: Keeping Curls in Place

Quick pop quiz: What is the similarity between these 3 products?

A) Sunsilk Curl Booster
B) FOTE Aloe Vera Gel
C) KY Jelly

Hint: The answer is not "They all come in squeeze tubes".

They are all used to define curls!

Yes, I know. KY JELLY. I had a wtf face when I first saw it on a list of CG-friendly styling products. But remember how I kept yammering ON about using water-based and silicone-free products? KY jelly is water-based and silicone-free so it washes right out of your hair, making it perfect for the job. Though I have no idea who was the person who read the ingredients list and thought, "Hmm... this would be good for styling my hair." Probably a descendant of the person who thought of milking cows.

I still wrapping my head around the idea of using KY jelly so the only products I have used for defining my curls are the Sunsilk Balm and the FOTE Aloe Vera gel. Both work pretty well but the results aren't consistent. Boo.

The Sunsilk Balm has a mind of its own. Some days, it makes me look lovely and defined. Other days, it leaves my hair feeling crunchy and encourages my frizz to misbehave. And, I really have to be careful of how much I use. Too much and my curls feel crunchy.

FOTE Aloe Vera Gel is better as it leaves me with soft, touchable curls. BUT I can only use it with sopping wet hair and when the air isn't too dry. Aloe vera is a humecant so it works by drawing in moisture and keeping it in your hair. When the air is dry and it can't absorb any moisture, it takes it out of your hair and takes you looking poodle like. *sigh*

I am thinking of trying a combo of Sunsilk and FOTE next week but I not sure how to layer the products on top of each other. Maybe I should get KY jelly next week...

CG Week 4 Update
Confession here: I fell off the CG boat because of university work and used dry shampoo a couple of times. Let's just say that my hair has returned to poodle like status and its going to take me another month to whip it back into shape. Oh dear.

Conclusion? Once you go CG, you have to stick to a routine. My hair loves it though so the effort is worth it. I don't think I'll be looking back.

Now, what should I do with that can of dry shampoo?


Kahani said...

hahahaah so there's a beauty use for KY Jelly huh... =D

Eli said...

Certainly something for the books, isn't it? That's another bit you can add to the beauty survival guide.

Petra said...

Give the shampoo to me!

Ma loves the Loreal oil conditioner you left, btw. It was too oily for me (all we are using is that huge Shiseido container which is remarkably soft; am not allowed to buy my own shampoo since we are on an austerity drive).

She bowed her head in front of me so that I could touch her head. She very the happy.

You reckon that formulae could help your curls?

Eli said...

Was scratching my head for vvvvv long. Not L'oreal lah, John Frieda Anti-Frizz serum. Thank goodness, mummy is finally using it. I was pestering her all throughout the hols.

I love that stuff but it isn't CG-friendly. Boo.

Petra said...

It's in the L'oreal conditioner container!