October 15, 2009

Great for Everyday: Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara in Very Black

I've finally found an everyday mascara I'm happy to repurchase over and over. As far as I'm concerned this baby is a HG. Is it outstanding? Nope, but it's precisely what I want out of my daily mascara:
1. It's cheap!
At RM22.90 it won't break the bank, and if I'm going to buy a new tube every 3 months, and still afford to try out new mascaras, cheap is good! (Edit March 2011: It's now RM32.90 and I find myself a LOT less willing to shell out for it)

2. It lasts
No smudging, flaking, or any hanky panky around my eyes.

3. It holds a curl
While not as dramatic as Stage's Standing Ovation, it's not bad at holding a curl all day.

4. It isn't OTT
Even though I suffer from lash envy, I honestly don't want a fake lash look for everyday. This mascara volumnises but keeps lashes looking feathery and non-clumpy (providing you don't over-apply) and lengthens to a lesser degree. This subtle emphasis makes my eyes look pretty but not dramatic.

5. It comes off easily
This is super important to me. After a long hard day I don't want to spend 15 mins struggling to remove my tenacious mascara.

6. I don't hate the brush
I don't love it either, but really look down when applying and you won't smudge your lids. It isn't outstanding but it isn't bad. Good enough for me!


I've found my staple basic mascara that I'm happy to buy over and over. I must add though that there are two shades for this - brown and very black and the only difference is a tiny sticker at the bottom. Brown does nothing for me, so I am annoyed that I've made this mistake. I wish maybelline marked it more carefully. Be careful!


Askmewhats said...

easy to remove makeup is great for me and something I would want but with the humidity and the length of time i work, I just can't, I wish I can go along with mascaras that are non watrproof, no wonder I don't wear mascara often because its just too difficult to remove

gingerbee said...

I'm glad you found your everyday mascara! It's also mine (just a different packaging..they call it cat eyes mascara):D Have you tried Telescopic from L'Oreal? Heehee.

~Lisa said...

Yay! Glad that you found HG mascara. I should check this out after I finish my tubes of mascara >.<

Btw, what's OTT? LOL

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Meldee said...

This has been my HG mascara for ages! I absolutely loves it. Tube's nice and fat too, which makes it comfy to hold :)

Kahani said...

Nikki: Hey dear it's waterproof so it doesn't smudge at ALL. But with a dual-phase remover it comes off pretty easily (easier than cat eyes). Give it a try!

gingerbee: I've tried Cat Eyes too, it's actually a different mascara altogether - you can hunt up the review. I prefer Hypercurl because it doesn't flake and is easier to remove.

Lisa: Oops sorry dear, OTT is "Over-the-top".

Meldee: LOL I don't think I hold it long enough to care about comfort factor but I do like the pink and black tube.

gingerbee said...

Oohhhh :D I never knew that. Heehee. Thanks for that! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

This is my go-to mascara too! :D Never disappoints. So the brush could be smaller but other than that, I have no complaints. I'm not one who likes repurchasing because I like trying new things but after trying so many mascaras, I still go back to this. When I need drama I simply add some fibers from Majolica Frame Plus.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i have this mascara but it doesnt works so well on me... not hate it either...

Eli said...

I have never tried this before! How is the brush like?

Ayunni said...

This is my fave mascara too cos my lashes is already on okay length and I wear glasses. My only requirement for mascaras is its curling properties, cos I don't use lash curlers ;). So this mascara is perfect. It curls my lashes, and it doesn't lengthen my lashes too much, cos if it does..my lashes will be squashed.