October 14, 2009

Not a Looker but a Winner: Mitchum Antiperspirant Deodorant

Mitchum is no-looker as it looks more like a man's deodorant than a woman's. As far as I know, it doesn't even have a scent. However, judge not a book by its cover, ladies. This happens to be my HG antiperspirant.

My ideal antiperspirant has to be able to: (1) keep my pits from smelling, (2) keep the pit marks at bay, and (3) not stain my clothes. I hate it whenever the latter happens and destroys a perfectly lovely shirt.

After searching high and low for years, a pharmacist handed me a bottle of Mitchum with a wink and a smile. "Try it," she said. So I did and fell in love.

Goodbye unslightly pit marks and annoying stains! I just swipe this on in the morning and I am good to go til night, even after a run. Don't bank on the Mitchum claim that it is effective up to 2 days though, I have only managed to make it last for a day (yes, I really tested it out).

Best of all, how much does this cost? AUD 3.45, ladies. Cheaper than all the pretty looking and scented crap on the shelves. Just go past the lookers and head for the one means business.


LyNn said...

awww too bad this isnt available in malaysia.

~Lisa said...

Sounds good! I'll remember to check if this is available in the drugstores in Canada. But other than that, glad that you found something that you love dearly! I have the same taste as you in deodorants, darling! =D

Dee said...

I've been using this one for years - it's great. Best thing ever for Australian summers.

erin said...

which one's better? unscented or 24 hour one? i'm running out to buy this LIKE SOON :P :)

Eli said...

Lynn: I am stockpiling this to bring back to Maalysia!

Lisa: You should be able to find it in Canada, I think. Mitchhum is under the Revlon group.

Dee: Ain't it great?

Erin: I have only used the unscented hypoallergic version so far so I can't really tell. >.< Sorry about that!

Faye said...

I just have to say that I am addicted to the 24 hr one, it really is the best deoderant I have ever used! Although the packaging is a lot nicer here in England! Sort of a light mint green with pink!

Meldee said...

Awesome. Eli, you just created a lemming. I need to start making a list of stuff I want to stock up on when I'm in Melbs soon!

Eli said...

Faye: I just looked up the UK version and it really is so much more prettier. Urrrrgh.

Mel: *cackles wickedly* How long is the list so far?

mitchum antiperspirant deodorant said...

Wow, what a great review! Thanks for this - I'll have to try it out!

erin said...

ok i have bought this! i got it for $4 though, from Big W, where did you get yours from? i know it's like only 50 cents difference, but i think i might be stocking up and buying it for my mother..

it's really good! it takes a while to dry but once it does, it's magic.