October 19, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Hellooo! This week's beauty bits will be about the little odds and ends of promotions and products that Kahani and I discovered along the way. As we head along towards Dec and the holiday seasons, we can definitely expect more in this department. So happy reading, and happy shopping, perhaps?

~H20+ is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, and for that they're having a 20% sale on their star product - Face Oasis. If you've been wanting to try, or restock the Face Oasis (which totally screams HG), now might be a jolly good time to run along and check it out. Kahani managed to restock on this offer, but impatient me bought a tub in Sept and missed out! Boo.

Stage Cosmetics is AGAIN having their Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) promotion up till Nov 1, and by George, it's one of those promotions that I WILL WAIT FOR. Products I'd recommend without batting an eyelid are their Wonderlust lipsticks (RM48) and their Wondergloss glossies (RM55). Me thinks it's totally worth it, and I loooove the light vanilla scent! Just in case you're wondering, yes, I ran and bought two lipsticks. And yes, they're already been included in #71.

Fans of iNouvi makeup, you might be happy to note that they now have a counter in Parksons, One Utama. Located in the new wing (for the uninitiated), it's very near the Laura Mercier counter there.

And finally, mad MACanistas, MAC's Magic, Mirth and Mischief holiday collection is ready for sale! But only at the KLCC stand-alone store. Or so I was told. The official launch date is Oct 21 (if I remember correctly), and products are not out on the counters yet, but they are all available for purchase. I was given a quick introduction to them when I ran by the store, and I can tell I will be buying a palette or two. Some of the colours are just goooorgeous. So run, ladies, run! No wait, let me rephrase that - wait for MEEEEEE!!!!


Jenn said...

Hehehe... wait for me tooooo!! We penang girls will be getting this collection on the 30th. I know i shouldn't buy but i want the sorceress palette so bad!! :P

plue said...


omg! there goes my hope for the blush! i want those blushes!!!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

ahhhh i'm quite tempted to get more Stage lippies too. still have time to consider!

~Lisa said...

Yay! I can't wait until Christmas shopping!! I HEART Sales ^^

The new MAC collection is so pricey.... =[

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Anonymous said...

Thank q so much for this info. Now I know of what promos r going on. : )