October 16, 2009

What's your number, pouty lips?

Bet that got your attention, din it? *grin*

No, no. Nothing scandalous of any sort in this post here. But I've recently been looking at my ever growing stash of makeup, and the pile of lipsticks and glosses I've accumulated over the years.

If I haven't mentioned it before, lippies are my original sin. I started with one Estee lipstick and it went baaaad from there. Right now it's blushes AND lipsticks.

Oh dear.

So I was just wondering. Does this sound familiar to you? You see a lipstick/gloss, and you have this insane voice going, "I waaaaants this." Nevermind if you already have 10 other lipsticks in the same shade sitting in your stash back home. The thing is, you need THIS one.

Some friends of mine have maybe five, or six, lipsticks and they run it through before they feel the need to get another one. One colleague of mine has only three. A coralish, a pinkish and a reddish.

"Why would I need more?" asks she.

But if you're anything like me, you'd bring that lipstick home too. Where you let it make friends with the other 15 coral lipsticks sitting on your dresser. Which begs the question, as some of my colleagues and friends have asked: How on earth do you ever finish a lipstick?

So now I'm asking you girls too. Do you finish your lipsticks and then buy more? Or buy more, regardless?

Anyhoo, what I started wondering then was how many lippies I actually own. And that got me counting. So my number is - 71 lipsticks and 29 glosses.

So 'fess up. What's your number? =P


Lisa Kate said...

My lippie number is small, probably around 5 that I actually use XD

My shadow number, on the other hand, is...big. Let's just say I am embarrassed.

~Lisa said...

You're not alone! I want all the colours that catches my eye. Though, I try really hard to restrain myself. But when it goes on sale. . . I can't help it =[

I don't own many lipsticks hence I only own 10, 12 if you count long wearing lip products. & I have 22 lip glosses.

Show us your whole lip products collection one day! I'm so interested to see your 71 tubes of lipsticks. That's quite a lot! LOL, but there's no such thing as too much makeup ^^

Connie De Alwis said...

my lippy collection is relatively modest... well, depends on who I'm comparing it with.... ok, I've stopped counting so now I'm not entirely sure. Some have been condemned to the forgotten pile...

Jenn said...

That's alot of lip stuff you have there!! i wanna see pictures!! :D

I lost count of how many stuff i have... but i definitely don't own nearly as many lipsticks as you do!! hehehe!! :P

Eli said...

Whoa. I think my count is less than 10 for lippie and glossies combined.

Have you tried to swatch them all? ;)

Paris B said...

gah! i'm not telling :P Suffice to say, I have too many and I only have 1 pair of lips :D

plue said...

Erm, I have a modest collection of lippies, maybe 30pcs gloss and lipsticks together,not sure cuz i never keep track but i never finish em :P

LOL. i wanna see ur stash!

gingerbee said...

When the recent typhoon left our home flooded and my make-up stash went poof with it. So my current number of lippies have dwindled to a mere 3 lip balms (are they included hehe), 3 lip glosses and 4 lipsticks. Hehe. :D

Kahani said...

This one I'm not answering, but suffice to say a friend looked it over and asked, "Why do I feel like you're running a shop?"

Gingerbee: OMG! I swear that's a nightmare come true for some of us. (me)

Dee said...

I have about 20 or so actual lipsticks, but another dozen palettes.

I have never used an entire lipstick in my life. I usually have a clear out every couple of years and throw out any old or unloved ones.

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you're talking about.. & I too am intimately acquainted with that Voice "I waaaaaants this"... LOL

I have never in the last 3 years finished more than 1/3 of any lippie.. They all just lie there confusing me..

Meldee said...

I am good. I have 3 lippies, and about 8 or 9 glosses only. Glosses include lipbalms! Tsk Syen, you are a mad kitty.

AskMeWhats said...

I don't have as much as yours but girl, it is growing! to answer your query, I purchase eventhough I haven't tried the others that I own, that's bad eh?

GlossQueen said...

I'm just like you are, there's always a new lipstick that I "need" despite having several similar colours at home.

I don't remember the last time I finished a lipstick, it would have been years ago.

kuri said...

lol, that's quite a collection of lipsticks and glosses. But I totally understand. I am having trouble stopping myself from buying any type of makeup, but my particular weakness is glosses and lipsticks. Every product is different and I love all the colors, but I somehow ended up with 4 dark brown lipsticks, 2 of which are identical.

I think I am down to 8 lipsticks and 7 glosses now, after throwing/away or forcing the others on other people, but even with this number it's hard to use up anything! I am somewhat close to being done with my P&J lippie - thank goodness for sheer lipsticks, but I know I'll keep around the stub for a while trying to use up every last bit (gotta get every penny's worth of my $30!).

Despite the fact that I have more lip products than I can use up, I definitely want more. I want a perfect beige lippie, a perfect my-lips-but-better lippie, a perfect orange lippie, and a perfect red lippie. For gloss I want a nice beige color.

I don't think I've ever used up a lipstick, and I had to work really hard to use up 2 glosses.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

What if i tell u I'm just can't stop myself from buying makeups from foundations, blushers, eyeshadows to lipsticks / glosses even I don't use them much... hahaha... especially foundation and lipsticks/glosses... maybe once in a blue moon but i purchase every single item that caught my eyes. Is that reduce your guilt feeling? hahahaha...I don't wan to know or count how many makeups I have because it makes me feel guilty... lolz... at least you are using them, even you have 10 similar or same shades also never be useless... not like mine, bought & leave them inside dresser... waste...

Kaye said...

I've never actually finished a lip product EVER. I just buy and buy and buy. Plus I love coral, too! I never get pink, because it looks unnatural. I always go for peachy nudes :)

Petra said...

More than half of my makeup stash are gifts (mostly from Eli).

I used to have lipstick (from Maybelline or L'oreal) called Boudoir Rose. A kind friend gave it to me after I sniffed it and fell in love. It smelt of asam boi!

So I carried it around with me and sniffed it at bus stops.

Now I've red lipstick and plum lipstick that I never use, Nivea balm in Passionfruit, Bobbi Brown gloss from Ma, SN lippy from sister and a TBS lip gloss that you apply with a pen.

But nothing will ever beat my asam boi lipstick. Tried repurchasing but it never had to same smell. *mope*

Syen said...

Wow. Thanks for all your comments and time taken for counting girls. Really enjoyed reading all the feedback! =)

And always happy to be reminded I'm not alone in this mad makeup-hunt. Hehe..

I went over to Kahani's place the other day, and insisted she bring her entire stash of lippies out. Since she was too lazy to count, I did it instead. And HER number is: 63 lipsticks, 32 lipglosses, and 6 stains. Or thereabouts. HAH. =P

gingerbee: Oh dear... Are you and your family ok?

Shortcake said...

Syen and Kahani ... wow .... amazing stash u've got there. I think you've got more than some makeup artists I know! anyway my count is a mere 20+ lippies, probably around 10 glosses and 4 balmies, oh and a Bobbi lip palette, pretty modest, but now I'm inspired to build up my collection, I've actually sent this link to the hubby to justify that girls just can't get enough makeup and he should not wince when I buy more and more and more ...! thanks for this post! hahaha :P

Kahani said...

Ok so here's my lippie justification. And this is only for lipsticks. Glosses have a whole other dimension.

You need a pinky, a neutral, and a red. = 3
For each colour you need a warmer, a cooler, and a neutral. = 9
Then for each tone you need a dark, a light and a mid tone = 27
Then for each shade you'll need a matte, a cream, a shine, and a shimmer = 96
For each finish you'll also need different levels of opacity = full, medium, sheer = 288
Then there are moisturising formulas and long-lasting formulas, and moisturising long-lasting formulas = 864

So in conclusion, a girl can justify up to 864 lippies within an only 3 colour spectrum. AND I cut out glitter, tinted balm and glosses. This is JUST lipsticks. =D

kuri said...

Love Kahani's analysis!
My implementation of it:
I need a pinky, a peach, a rose/mauve, a brown, and a red. = 5
I need a dark, a light and a mid tone = 15
I'll need a matte, a cream, a shine, and a shimmer = 60
I'll need different levels of opacity = full, medium, sheer, but I won't need sheer for the light shades, and I won't need full for the dark shades = 120
I'll settle for moisturising long-lasting formulas = 120

Ideally I should just get a lippy for adding shine and one for shimmer; that'd let me halve the number of lippies to 64. Add a darkening lipstick and a lightening one and I'm down to a mere 24! Heh... maybe I will investigate those lippies that Shu Uemura has for adjust color and finish; they'd clearly be real investments...