October 30, 2009

My Favourite Things: Mentholatum Lip Pure Lipbalm

So you know I go balm crazy, right? And the Mentholatum Lip Pure (Fragrance Free) is one balm I absolutely go nuts about.

Despite having a whole stash of balms in my drawer, this is the one lipbalm I go to, day after day. And night after night.

Since I first met it when it first hit the shelves (what, a year or two back?), there has never been a time I have gone without it. You can always count on finding one in my stash.

It's that good.

So what makes this one so special? First of, it could be just me going all sentimental. This balm's formulation really reminds me of my all-time childhood holy grail of lipbalms - Ultra Ready E-honi. It came in a transparent casing, and it was one heck of a balm. There was never a chap it couldn't fix. Sadly though, it seems to have been discontinued.

Back to Lip Pure, it's made of beeswax and 100% food grade ingredients, which it claims makes it suitable for even sensitive lips . And Shea butter oil, almond oil, aloe extract and jojoba oil certainly makes for an emollient balm.

It also claims to contain no preservatives or colorant.

Frankly, it's nothing terribly fancy. No raspberry scent to boast off, no minty taste to tempt the palate. It's just an honest-to-goodness lipbalm that does its job. Of course, those of you who like citrusy scents can have that option, but me, I prefer the plain one. No citrus scents for me, thank you.

But what I do love, is its texture and finish. I always wear it under lipstick to keep my lips moist, and sometimes over the lipstick to add a little shine. It gives my lips a slightly glossy finish, which is lovely by me.

For a drugstore lipbalm, it's not exactly cheap at RM14.90 at its usual price. But what I do is to stock up during offers and promotions, where it can go for about RM10.

So, to the crux of the matter - would I repurchase? Oh yea. I can't even remember how many tubes I've run through. Just please don't ever discontinue this.

Pretty please?


LyNn said...

i always wanted to try this but have always gone for metholatum water (moist) instead.
guess i'll give this a go the next time :)

Syen said...

LyNn: Mentholatum water moist? Ooh.. I'll keep an eye out for that one too. Thanks! =)

Lady Melbourne said...

Hi Kahani, thank you so much for coming to my blog and reading- I just love your beauty website!

Askmewhats said...

I don't own the exact one but I've use Mentholatum brand and I love it!!! So I'm sure this works well too!

~Lisa said...

Great review! I want to try this one now but it's not available in my area. =[ But I have seen the Mentholatum Pure Ice Lip balm. Is that one any good?


Syen said...

Nikki: If you like Mentholatum, you'd definitely like this one. =P

~Lisa: Hello! Uh-oh.. that one I haven't really tried before. But will let you know if I do! =P

Jyoan said...

I have this too! Did a review long time back. I think this is so "healthy" since I have the tendency to lick my lips so frequently. lol.

Anonymous said...

I have this too! just got a new tube after finishing up e old one. its amazing!