November 02, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bit: What's In Your Bathroom Cabinet?

Hello! Hope today's started out well for all you ladies out there! =)

Anyway, over the weekend I got a little bored and I started wondering what you girls have in your bathroom cabinets. Or for those of you who don't have a cabinet, then what's on your bathroom sink.

Because I figure, what you have lined up before you in the morning to get your day started, or what you use at the end of the day, is probably more essential to you than you might even realise.

Also, if you do have a bathroom cabinet, I'd looove to see your stash.

So for starters, I'm gonna show you mine.

It's still a little bare, but it'll fill up in time, I'm sure. *tee hee* Anyway, I won't list everything down, just three of my can't-do-withouts:

1. Cetaphil
2. Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
3. Venus shaver (hey it's important, ya know?)

Okay, now for the fun bit. Paris, Tine, Connie, Beetrice, Jenn and Kahani, you're tagged!

Aww c'mon, share your goodies!

PS: It's really simple. Just a photo of your bathroom sink and/or cabinet, and list three can't-do-withouts. Easy-peasy!


Connie De Alwis said...

omg, I'd be too embarrassed to show my overflowed bathroom basket :x But I WILL tell you what I have in there (and out) :D
Strictly facial stuff:
- I Nuovi Cleansing Oil
- Cetaphil
- Biosentials Face Polish
- Origins You're Getting Warmer Mask
- Skineeds Blackhead Remover Gel
- H2O+ Cleansing Water
- Face Shop Blackhead Remover Mask (I'm trying to like)
- tonnes of gunk in sample jars/bottles

Tine said...

This is fun. I'm on it! :P

Paris B said...

LOL! Let me go scrub my bathroom sink before I take a pic :D But I can tell you whats on it:-

Electric Toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste
1 facial cleanser

That's it! LOL... :D

Eli said...

After your makeup explosion, I was actually expecting more stuff. =P That reminds me, I really have to take a pic of my makeup mess.

Meldee said...

LOL Syen! And Paris, so minimalist!

I've got:

-Two tubes of toothpaste (for variety's sake)
-Himalaya Herbals Neem facial wash
-HH Neem Face Pack
-Some factory samples of facial washes/scrubs (my aunt is in makeup manufacturing line)

beetrice said...

I'm with Paris - lemme go scrub my sink and bathroom rack a bit before I take pics! :D

You actually have a bathroom CABINET? o.O *psst...that's not exactly bare!! LOL!!*

Jenn said...

I'm staying with the in laws now, so it's just a toothbrush in there! lol!

I can foresee the same next time too though, as i don't like cluttering my sink area! haha!! :D

~Lisa said...

Waa! Looks like fun but my bathroom needs some repairing...>.< The cabinet is rusting a bit so yea....
Hope this tag will travel to me soon! LOL

Kahani said...

ooh the evil. Fine it'll be MY media monday =P

Syen said...

Hello laydehs! Thanks for participating! =)

Connie: Hehe.. aww c'mon. Your sink can't be that bad. LOL.

Tine: Can't wait dearie! =)

Paris: I.dont.believe.this. o.0 Minimalist, you are. Hahaha!

Eli: Hehe.. well. These are just some of the stuff. I didn't show everything. Like bath stuff... =P And you! I wanna know see your sink too! =)

Meldee: Ahh.. so you likes Neem stuff too eh? It's pretty good.

Syen said...

Bee: Yay! Can't wait to see your sink too. =P Well, it's not full either! LOL.

Jenn: Noted. One toothbrush. =P

~Lisa: Post it up! I wanna see! =)

Kahani: Yes, you can use it for next week. hehe..