October 07, 2009

Review: Eau Thermal Avene Cleanance K

Some time back, a reader asked for recomendations of pore minimising products which actually work.

Truthfully, I kind of gave up on searching for that HG product and decided to concentrate on having clear skin instead. Time would (hopefully) erase all my scars and pits by the time I hit 40 and attain MILF status. In the Quest for Clear Skin though, I did stumble across this very affordable product which gave me clear skin and shrunk some pores: Avene's Cleanance K.

The Eau Thermale website claims that Cleanance K contains 6% Glycolic Acid, 2% Lactic Acid and 0.1% Salicylic Acid, making it a pretty effective chemical exfoliant. While AHA's and BHA's are not as effective as retinol in cleaning out the pores (if memory serves me right, retinol is able to penetrate the skin more deeply and encourages cell renewal), they are a lot less drying on the skin.

Texture and fragrance wise, Cleanance K is not great. The product itself is a slightly sticky gel which balls up after a while and there's that indescribable Avene fragrance about it which makes you sit up and go, "What the heck is that?" Also, put it too near your mouth and you will discover that it tastes really, really odd.

Oh, and it stings a little especially when applied over zits and small cuts. The tingling can feel odd but still bearable. Your skin gradually builds resistance to it after a while. The first time my sister used it, she came roaring like a lion into my room to ask if I had started using bottled brimstone on my face.

She was having a bad breakout and thought that Cleanance K was moisturiser. The memory still makes me hunch over in laughter.

I recommend only using this product at night with some moisturiser on top (I usually wait an hour) if your skin feels too dry. I imagine your makeup would look pretty odd balling up all over your face in the daytime.

Sadistic remembrances aside, Cleanance K works pretty well for me. It took about 2 to 3 weeks for results to show but I was rewarded with clearer skin and less obvious pores. I had oil plugs coming to the surface after a few days of use and I could easily do self-extractions with tweezers or nose strips. Be warned though, your skin can get pretty dry and sensitive while using this so ease off on the exfoliants and be sure to use sunscreen in the a.m.

I have not been using this since Winter came along but now that Spring is here... Hmm, where did I put my tube?

Avene Cleanance K retails at AUD21.95 for 40ml. I am not sure how much it costs in Malaysia but I think it falls in the range of RM40-RM50+.


~Lisa said...

Maybe I'll try this out soon! I have the Neutrogena Advanced Post-Acne Mark Fading Peel. I think it works pretty well but I'll check out on this after I run out.

LOL at the story of your sister! I can almost imagine the scene! ROFL

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Petra said...

It's bad when your sister remembers all the beauty booboos YOU don't recall. O_o

Eli said...

Lisa: Ahh... Now I am tempted to try the Neutrogena Peel. Don't think its available in Australia though.

Petra: It was funny! When are you going to write something on beauty disasters?

Jerine said...

OMG! I absolutely love your blog!

Steph said...

I've got this HUGE zit on my chin & it has no business there! :( I've been slapping on my usual stuff but this one's stubborn! I hope it isn't the milk...

Petra said...

Eli: Ok la, will work on it soon.

Steph: try alternating milk with other milks, like rice and soy milks?

Saito Florence said...

HI, before I start to give some comments, let me say a big THANKS to you!I immediately brought this stuff after read your blog.Recently I had breakout on my forhead & cheek,which is very big red pimples :(.After I brought this & used for 1 day, I can see that my red pimple no more longer in pain & in fact it's reduce it's size & start to dry up! :)It's does not sting my face at all & also no ball up even I used it under my mineral make up.This is wat I do ....after washing face, I apply my toner, then I use my moisturizer,then I wait at least 20 mins, I apply very very little of the cleaanance K on top of the affected part,it's went on smooth & no ball up & I feel that it's make a very good base for the makeup.No oily or sticy feeling & really makeup last longer!I am sorry for the long comments, but I really very happy.Thanks so much!

Eli said...

Jerine: Thanks for the encouragement!

Steph: It MIGHT be the milk. You might have to go back to drinking water. Have you slapped honey on the zit yet?

Saito Florence: Ooh, you are welcome. I am glad that Cleanance K works for you! I'll try dabbing less to see how it works under makeup then. Thanks for that tip.

Saito Florence said...

Hi Eli, after few days of usage, I decided to use this only at night, even thought it's make a good base for the makeup.The reason is the part which I apply, starts to get dry & flake a bit, so I think is a bit too strong for the skin.

Mary Jane said...

i bought this last year, used it but more zits appeared. It was just sitting on my dresser until last 2 months, as i didn't want to waste it. To my surprise, my zits were fewer. My once oily, zit face is finally behaving! I still have whiteheads on my nose but I hope in time, they too will disappear! Thank you so much for introducing this product. Your blog has been a great help!

Sarvin Sidhu said...

Avene's products work wonders on my skin!Have not tried this particular one..thanks for the review :)