October 06, 2009

My Fruity Indulgence: The Body Shop Peach Shower Gel

A while back I did a post about my sudden craving for all things fruity. And I did say I would be reviewing some of my fruity purchases. But as time went by, I promptly forgot about it. Ooops.

Until perchance I came across that particular post again recently. And so I will pick up from where I left off - The Body Shop's Peach Shower Gel.

Wander into any The Body Shop outlet, and you're bound to find something you like from their shower gel range. They have quite the variety of scents to choose from, but somehow there's just something about peaches that call out to me.

But peaches or no, I've always reluctantly walked away from making a purchase as RM24.90 for a wee little 250ml bottle does seem rather steep to me. Especially since my basic Johnson's pH5.5 Nourishing Body Wash with Honey costs only RM13.90 for 1000ml!

Fortunately though, I managed to snag a bottle at a 30% discount, which made it err... about RM17. I had to bring it home.

This shower gel has a lovely, fruity scent about it, but unfortunately, I can't quite tell if it's truly peach. The good thing about it though, is that it has none of the cloyingly-fake-sweet scent that some other shower gels do, thank heavens.

Applied to my shower glove, it lathers up, but not overly so. It washes off easily too. While it's not terribly moisturising, it doesn't cause any tightness in the skin either. After a shower, the scent lingers on just a little while without overstaying its welcome.

This shower gel can also be used for shaving, although, with its price tag, I'm not sure you'd want to use it all that often just for shaving. This one I usually save for days when I feel in need of a little pampering in the shower.

The hubs, however, doesn't seem to have such reservations. There has to be a correlation between his "I looooove that peach scent" exclamations, and the rate the shower gel is depleting. I sense something peachy going on here. LOL.

So, to the crux of the matter, would I buy it again? I just might. When's the next The Body Shop sale again?


~Lisa said...

I've always just walked past the body shop and their products. Hardly ever take any notice of their products unless I see a big "SALE" sign!!

&& I heart peaches!! They're my favourite fruits after nectarines! ^.^


Kahani said...

*rotfl* He's a peach babe, for that you'll have to forgive his gluttonous shower-gel guzzlin' ways.

plue said...

Haha! I like your last para about your hubs! :P So funny!

TBS sales are usually midyear, but their shower gels sometimes goes on sale for a month, i think it's call starbuy of the month?

i love my yummy-licious shower gels too!

beetrice said...

aww...but at least he smells just peachy afterwards! (give chance lah!)

plue's right, TBS sales are typically in May...although if you want to stock up on the shower gel...I think I can get you a price close to the disc you got..let me know.. ;)

Jenn said...

They usually have some kinda sale around Christmas too, so a repurchase may not be too far away! hehehe!!

In the meanwhile, tell the husband to go easy on this baby!! XD

Syen said...

~Lisa: Hehe... we're peach girls! =P I like nectarines too.

Kahani: Ah well. Might as well have a hubby who likes the scents I like too, no? I'd rather he guzzle down peaches, than citrus. *wrinkles nose*

Plue: Who doesn't? =P

bee: True, true. Oooooh.. really? I might just take you up on your offer. =P Thanks!

Jenn: Telling him didn't quite work. LOL.

Andrea said...

Ooh I think i'll have to be paying a visit to the body shop soon! I love peach scents, when I was little my mum had the fuzzy peach perfume from The Body Shop and I was always spraying it on lol. I was gutted when they discontinued it, it was so lovely! :(