October 21, 2009

Review: Nivea Oxygen Power Reviving Night Cream

"You have to try this, Eli," my sister told me. "It's my HG cream."

I know I often poke fun at my older sister's beauty blunders but if she says that something works (or doesn't work), it is worth taking her advice seriously. It took me a while to get around to using this but now that I have, my faith in my older sister has been restored.

*dodges flying object thrown at head*

I am a pretty big Nivea fan but brand loyalty doesn't prevent me from noting that "Oxygen Power" sounds like a silly name for Nivea's oxygen-based range. Both day and night creams in the Oxygen Power range claims to contain 15% oxygen which helps with cell regeneration.

Big sis and I are guessing that there is some truth to the oxygen claim as we both get happy glowy skin when we wake up in the morning. It doesn't matter if we were up all night trying to meet a deadline or returned home at some ungodly hour after a night of drinking and clubbing. I remember waking up with an awful hangover and although my skin wasn't exactly glowing, I still looked pretty decent. Before this, I would have looked like death warmed over.

The night cream is really light, spreads well and absorbs quite quickly into the skin. I used this through winter and was pleasantly surprised at how moisturising it was as I was worried that it would be too light for my skin. It didn't cause any pimples either.

My major grouse about this product is that because the cream is so light, I have a tendency to overpump and end up with a lot more cream than needed. Also, the metal pressurised container doesn't let you know how much is left in the can until the last day.

If any of you are wondering, I have not tried the day version of this cream and probably won't as I prefer using a daytime moisturiser with SPF. Has anyone tried it?

The Nivea Oxygen Power Reviving Night Cream retails at AUD15.99 for 50ml. However, Priceline is offering this for AUD 3.99 until 26th October. While I am jumping for joy at the low, low price, I am worrying that Nivea is planning to discontinue the Oxygen Power.

Looks like I had better stock up for my nights on the town.


Kahani said...

You know how some great columnist have a character their readers love? Your sister is it for you! =P

Ooh great that this cream works so well for you but "oxygen" creams make me go all ranty. We slather on ANTIOXIDANTS to combat the effect of oxygen on our skins and then we slather on oxygen? It doesn't make sense!! Besides O2 molecules are too large to penetrate the skin's epidermis - the best way to oxygenate your skin is to breathe in.

Askmewhats said...

Just the name, OXYGEN POWER sounds like an ass-kicking product!!!! I don't think I've seen them down here yet! And please do not discontinue it without coming down our shores not yet! I want to check this out :) thanks for the review

Eli said...

Kahani: Ooh, I know. The whole oxygen vs. antioxidant debate makes me go cranky. Think the pro-oxygen debaters state that supplying oxygen does not cause oxidisation, which is what antioxidants combat against.

And, if O2 can't penetrate the epidermis, why are there so many oxygen wound treatments? *raises hands in the air* I give up.

At least the cream works for me.

Nikki: I haven't seen this range in Asia but it has been around for quite a while now, maybe 3 years? I wouldn't be surprised if they discontinued it for something containing wolfberries since its the next big thing.

Syen said...

Hey Eli! Nice review. =)

Will keep an eye out for this now when I'm at the drugstores. It's piqued my curiosity. =P

~Lisa said...

Great review. But I've never in my life seen this or this line in Canada before...

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Petra said...

Your face ends at your tits. Guess where the extra cream goes. I never overpump but i tend to scoop too much moisturiser from tins or squirt them out from your Olay Complete.

Kahani said...

Petra, I have a comment feed that allows me to see the first line of the most recent comment (but not the commentator). When I saw your comment my first thought was "Hmm... either this is some sleazeball I have to censor, or Petra."

Petra said...

ahem. ok. what i meant to say: your face ends at your nipples. treat your face well. :D

Steph said...

Lol! Petra, that reminds me of the time when Aple told me her grandma used to swing her tits over her shoulders to do housework. Gravity gets you one way or another. :P

This looks pretty cool as far as moisturisers go. But I'm taking ages to finish mine. Boo!

Eli! My lush package arrived like 5 minutes after I left the house for lecture this morning! Arghh! 5 minutes! :( Now we gotta hunt it down in some obscure post office somewhere which is like an hour bus ride from my place. O.o The things I do for Lush.

Petra said...

Steph: what's in your Lush package? :)

Eli said...

Syen: If you find this in M'sian pharmacies, let me know so I can update the price.

Petra & Steph: Between the 2 of you, SoLoverly is going to have some really interesting search hits. I always thought that only the hantu tetek could sling her breasts over the shoulders.

Steph, send me pics of the Lush goodies.

Kahani: You sure you want Petra to write about beauty disasters?

erin said...

I actually asked a priceline employee whether they were being discontinued and she said unlikely, they will go back to full price next week and they have more new stock coming in

i hope she's right.

buy ponds age miracle said...

Interesting product i like to try this if its help to make my wrinkles out. :)