October 22, 2009

Buffy, the kickass Elf Studio Powder Brush!

Over the years, I have somehow managed to amass quite a few makeup brushes (along with the other makeup stuff). There are the amazing ones, the good ones, and the meh ones. But only a select few make enough of an impact that they get the daily cuddles and usage.

I guess it can be likened to making headlines on the front page of the papers - every day. Awesomeness.

And today, I will introduce you to one such brush: the Elf Studio Powder Brush.

If you're going, "Haven't I already read about this brush somewhere in this blog before?", then the answer is yes. Kahani very briefly reviewed it before here, along with several other Elf Studio products.

I had purchased it a while back together with Kahani, but it was only recently that I fell head over heels with it. Which was when I decided it deserved the honour of getting a review all on its own. So here goes.

After reading Connie's raves about this brush, it somehow stuck in my head that this brush is awesome for liquid foundations. Which sounds great. With the only problem being, I hardly ever use liquid foundy. My daily go-to has always been ZA's two-way foundation.

Call me dense. But it just never occurred for me to try the brush with the powder foundy earlier.

*smacks forehead*

Until one fine day sometime last week. And then it was aaaalll lurve. This synthetic haired Taklon brush is dense, yet so unbelievably fluffy and soft, it is such a joy to use. It's chubby handle makes for a pretty easy grip. It doesn't smell, it doesn't bleed, and it sheds very, very minimally too. Which makes it one heck of brush.

It works really well in picking up powder evenly, and using it in a buffing motion results in a smooth, flawless, even application. Absolutely gorgeous.

It might jolly well be my imagination, but I did notice that my face also stayed oil-free for a few good hours longer. Where my face would have been oil-slicked by lunchtime, I can now wait until well after, before I really feel the urge to blot. Hot damn.

I haven't really tried using it for blush, as I've nary strayed from my MAC#129, but I can definitely see it working as a blush brush too.

And the bestest part of all? It costs only US$3 (~RM10). Serious.

I've already bought a back-up. And now I'm thinking of getting a back-up for the back-up. It's madness, but I really am in love.

This brush definitely kicks ass.


~Lisa said...

I'll be sure to purchase this soon!! I've heard great reviews on this!! And I'm not very willing to shell out so much $$$ for MAC...=]

Jenn said...

So tempting!!! It looks really soft from your pictures!! :D

AskMeWhats said...

judging by the photos, I'm sure the coverage is great as the brush looks really pretty and dense and soft :)

Connie De Alwis said...

definitely an awesome brush! Only reason why I don't use this for powder foundation is because I already have the EDM flat top brush which is basically a flat synthetic buffer brush as well.

Eli said...

A backup for a backup? O.o You must really luuurrrve this baby. I was tempted to get one but like Connie, I already have the EDM flat top.

Syen said...

~Lisa: I would totally recommend this brush. Doubt you'll regret your purchase. =P

Jenn: It IS!!! Lol.

Nikki: Coverage can be varied depending on how much you want to apply, but what I really love is the finish. It's awesome. =)

Connie: I, too, have the EDM flat top brush, but somehow I still prefer this one. The EDM seems to me, to be too dense and less fluffy. It could be me being fussy, but I find it's a lot easier to apply with this Elf Studio brush. Or it could be just my brush. =P

Eli: I dooo! And as you can see, having other brushes hasn't stopped me from getting mooore! LOL. It's bad. I know.