October 02, 2009

You put WHAT on your hair?!

I thought I had heard everything wacky beauty related: sheep placenta and baby foreskin in cosmetics, cockroach facials (Kahani still refuses to let me post the video of that one)... But nothing prepared me for this one:

Bull semen hair treatments.

This is definitely one for the books.

Most of us in Malaysia have heard about the urban legend of the rich old Datin, her young toyboy drivers and her belief in sperm-based facials. Sperm-based hair treatments? Now that's new.

On one hand, it does make sense. After all, brittle hair is lacking in protein and if anyone remembers from our high school biology lessons, sperm is chock-full of protein. So, if you are into naturally derived products, why not use already existing resources from the bull?

"Wait," one of my choking male friends said, "so does that mean that you are going to go a salon, let them wash your hair and then bring out a bull to stand over your head?"

Ack, no. The semen is treated and mixed with another protein-rich plant before being refrigerated in straws. There is no smell and the treatment is said to leave hair looking glossy and full. Its pretty pricey though as a course costs £55 to £85 (USD $90-$138) and the semen comes from Aberdeen Angus bulls.

"I have to ask," another friend piped up, "how do they extract the semen from the bulls? Do they stick a needle in there or... ?"

Grins ran around the table.

Check out the original article here.


Tine said...

Sweet Lord, what the hell is wrong with this people? Give me the chemicals anytime! :P

Jenn said...

:S :S :S

I'm speechless!! :S

Askmewhats said...

eeeekk, no thanks... :(

LyNn said...

i would never!

Sue said...

OMG. that's crazy. -_-

Eli said...

Hullo ladies, gross right? I was on the verge of puking when I first read the article. The price women pay for their crowning glory!

Rey said...

huh...so this makes me wonder if sperm being used in a spa's face cream in nip/tuck is for real.

Meldee said...

LMAO ELI! You and Pet (and her giraffe/tongue/ear story) are hysterical.

Kahani said...

At times like this I don't know if I should laugh or cry over giving Eli a free editorial pass. >_<

I'll choose laugh. Especially since this is hot on the heels of another story I read - Bob the giant bull who cannot find love because he keeps squashing his lady cows... Curious?

Eli said...

Rey: It might be true... I really should look it up in science journals. Just did a quick Google and turned up a forum thread were a person tried it and had a "afterglow effect". Think the choices have expanded to "spit, swallow or spread".

Mel: Argh, you mean Pet is no longer grossed out by the giraffe tongue ear cleaning story? I used to freak her out with that one.

Friends say that I am an absolute mine of useless information - ranging to from smut and the ecology to folklore.

Kahani: *waves pass* Poor Bob. Pity how bovine creatures can't do cow on top.

Meng Xue said...

Luckily they didn't say put on face. gosh!