October 05, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits: Prowling through Watsons

Hey dear readers, so sorry to have been absent but I had to work last weekend, went down to Singapore - will be posting the haul soon! Sadly I was too exhausted to post that weekend and too busy to post all week. But I'm back and I hope you'll like the finds Syen and I spotted as we prowled through Watsons, at The Curve

New Quads by L'Oreal

You've heard how much I love the Star Secrets Quad in Penelope Cruz, well L'Oreal has released a new quad collection called "Open Eyes" for RM49.90 each. The verdict? Both Syen and I secretly want the smokey grey palette she's swatchin in the pic above.

And even though I have the dark brown in my quad I do want the brown palette as well! There's purple (for Beetrice) and Blue for (ParisB) as well. ;)

Superdrug products

If you've never heard of it, Superdrug is to Boots what Watsons is to Guardian. Slightly less serious and full of fun brands. Meldee spotted their Tea Tree & Peppermint shampoo and conditioner range (which she says smells delish - Syen screwed up her nose though and I think they're ok). They also have a basic Tea Tree range of skincare products. Prices are low - in the RM20 range - and worth checking out. I haven't personally tried any of the products Watsons has brought in though.

BRTC Range

Finally, we also spotted popular Korean BB cream and skincare brand BRTC. I've read rave reviews of their BB cream and while I'm not interested in BB creams (every single one I've tried breaks me out), I know many of you girls are. I know the one on the right is definitly a BB cream and the price os RM99.90.


Eli said...

Ooh ooh. Does the Superdrug conditioner contain any 'cones? *looks hopeful*

Kahani said...

LOL i have no idea babe! It probably does. You can check the superdrug site and see if they provide an ingredients list.

AskMeWhats said...

wow new quads from Loreal? I got a nice quad from Loreal from my Aunt in Canada...surprisingly , the quality is really good :)

botox said...

Thats a great deal of news...that new quads have been launched by Loreal..Surely i want to try that..hope its soon be available in our nearby fashion shops.

PB said...

I've tried the purple one (surprise surprise!) Its pretty decent but haven't gotten round to writing about it >< Have you seen the new gel liners from L'oreal? They're good too!

prettybeautiful said...

i saw the palette too, looks pretty good !!

Petra said...

Thanks for the Superdrug tip :)