November 19, 2009

Disappointing: Revlon Multi Care Base & Top Coat

Many beauty companies are wary of bloggers are they're afraid we'll slam their products needlessly - especially if they can't influence us with advertising as is the way with mainstream media. But the truth is, I am happier to rave about products I like than to mention the ones that didn't work out. I also prefer to just not mention the one-the-fence meh products that didn't work for me but aren't so awful they can't work for someone else. Skincare and makeup formulas are so subjective. But once in awhile you get a product that almost definitely doesn't work no matter what you try, and this is where we post to encourage other ladies not to waste their money. I'm sorry lovely ladies at Revlon's Malaysian distributor who sent me this product to test, but this is a bad apple.

As a base coat
I've tried this with Stage nailpolishes, Revlon nailpolishes, Elianto, Sally Hansen (see I do my research) and in every case the nailpolish goes on streaky with it. All of the above work well with The Face Shop's pale pink base coat and even bare nails gets a better result. So as a base coat, even if you allow over an hour for it to dry completely, this is a no go.

As a top coat
Here's where the product really broke my heart. It does give a lovely glossy finish but you know what? No matter HOW long I leave it to set it still gets hatch marks from bedsheets and stockings, or worse, gets smudged and smeared by shoes. Do you know how far I've gone to ensure it was dry?

I've painted the colour coat one day and left off painting the top coat till the next day. Two hours to dry before bed time and when I wake up... hatchmarks.

I do the same on a weekend and give it 4 hours to dry before bed time. No hatchmarks. But the NEXT day after a day with stockings on I find my nails matte and smudgey. It's had over 14 hours to dry before I popped them into shoes. This is unacceptable!

Save your money and don't buy this. At around RM20, if this had worked as a base and top coat it would have been great value. But the way it performs it just ends up costing you more in time, labour, fustration and nail polish.


Askmewhats said...

really? the Top Coat from Revlon is great! I wonder why this isn't !:) thanks for saving us money!

beetrice said...

Ditto Askmewhat - I love Revlon's topcoat! :) maybe it's a difference in formula, but in any case it's a pity.

Kahani said...

You know, that's why I was so eager to try it too. I remember loving Revlon's Top Coat! But reviews on MUA for this are very poor, so it's not just me who hates it. =(

LyNn said...

thanks for the heads up.
wont go anywhere near this :P

Joey said...

The best top coat give me the glossy I want is Essie Super Duper Top Coat

Kahani said...

Hey ladies, sorry for being absent but I have now survived the insane workload and I'm back!

Lynn: I'm using my bottle to paint over fake jewellery I don't want to fade or tarnish and the ends of ribbons. =P

Joey: Is that available in Msia? How much?