November 23, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Kahani is on leave this week so I will be feeding you our Monday beauty bites, err, I mean bits.

Not a beauty bit but a reminder to stay cool. The Sydney heat wave started over the weekend, with temperatures hitting 40 C on Sunday. Goodness knows how the rest of this week will turn out but don't forget to carry water, facial spray and sunscreen with you to cool down. I have a stash of face masks cooling in my fridge as I write this.

I hate wastage so it always irritates me whenever I get a perfectly good product in terribly inefficient packaging. Half the time, I end up cutting the bottle in half (if I can) and decanting the remainder into an small tub. This isn't a new idea as most of our mothers do it but I was just wondering how many of you bother doing this as well.

Remember this Skunk Brush? I mentioned in my review that it bled quite a bit and it took a couple of washes to get the dye out. Guess what? The dye is STILL coming off and after an indefinite number of washes, I have given up on this brush. Into the bin it goes.

I try to keep my hair off my back as much as possible because of bacne. This poses a bit of a problem in the shower so after applying a hair mask or conditioner to my hair, I bundle it up into a shower cap, leave for a bit, rinse and put my hair back into the (rinsed) showercap. Not only has this reduced the number of pimples on my back, but allows my conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively.

While I am on the subject of hair, the curly girl routine is working great for me. It has been 4 months since I started and while I don't get great waves and curls everyday, my hair has been looking better since I gave up shampoo (well, I still do shampoo my hair but only once in a reeeeeeally long while). Not only do I have less split ends, but my hair seems to be growing faster -- which may be a minus point for some people.

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Connie De Alwis said...

I can't stand packaging where I can't get out all of the product. I usually cut up tubes cuz I can still attach the pieces :D