November 27, 2009

Hairmask Happy: Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction

Of late, in the last couple of weeks, I've been rather cranked out. I personally feel it's due to a variety of factors - work, exhaustion etc etc. The hubby has his finger pointed at PMS.

Whatever the reason, a little retail therapy was in order (just a little one), so off I pranced into Guardian looking for some relief. Just a little additional note too, that whenever I'm particularly stressed, I always shop at the Hair section.

Why? Because my brain somehow associates hairmask with sessions of pampering, just what I need in times of duress. I've tried changing that mindset, believe me, but it will not go away. And that's how I walked out of Guardian with a tub of Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction 3-Minute Intensive Treatment.

Some two weeks after, I must say this hairmask is not bad at all. Containing Olive Serum Nutri-complex, it claims to reconstruct the hair beneath the hair surface. I don't know how much of reconstructing this hairmask has done with my hair, but I must say that my hair is really soft and shiny after having used it thrice.

In terms of its consistency, Sunsilk definitely feels thicker compared with say, this L'Oreal hairmask. So while I would categorise it with my other heavy-duty hairmasks, I'm happy to report that it rinses out well, so my hair doesn't feel particularly weighed down. I also did not notice any premature greasing up of my scalp, as some heavy masks or conditioners are wont to do, as I only wash my hair on alternate days. Score!

It smells fruity too. Yum. =P

Even prior to purchase, I've heard plenty of good things about it. Someone even compared to Kerastase's hairmask, but as I've never tried Kerastase, I can't make a first hand comparison.

Overall, I'm rather liking it, and priced at about RM14-ish (if I remember correctly) for a 270ml tub, it's definitely pampering I can afford.

I'm hairmask happy for now. *grin*


AskMeWhats said...

Same with you, I'm always stressed so I always have hair mask on!!! :) weekly! So eventhough i'm stressed, at least my hair looks good right hahaha :)

♥ P said...

The hearbal essence long term relationship mask is pretty good as well. :)

Syen said...

Nikki: Totally girl! LOL. It definitely wouldn't hurt to have great looking hair even if everything else is not going too well. Eek. =P

P: Really? I'll KIV it for my next bout of stress. LOL. I'm also eyeing the Pantene hairmask. I reeeeally should finish up what I have first.. Sigh.. =P

Meldee said...

I want it too now! Been washing my hair almost daily after the gym, and I fear it may all fall off/dry up.

Pamela said...

Very Nice post.. I definitely try this