November 09, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

Ok, I know I said I'd take a pic of my bathroom cabinet for this week's beauty bits. But what with working on Sunday I honestly haven't had the time or energy. Forgive me Syen!

Swing by Guardian and pick up their "Dermo Care" booklet for some pretty awesome coupons valid till end November. If you're looking to try products from Uriage, Vichy, Eucerin and Avene, you may find the stuff you want going at a discount. I just picked up Eucerin White Solution Oil Control Day Fluid at RM15 off RM66.90. Let you know how it works in a month!

Speaking of Guardian, if you spend over RM100 you'll also pick up their voucher-filled calender with coupons valid till Jan 31 2010. These vouchers even work on top of regular promotions and some are pretty worth it. Not exactly worth shooting for, but just nice to know. =)

That Acne-zapper (literally!) Zeno is in town, spotted at Guardian (yes sorry that's where I've been prowling of late) for RM399. You'll have to ask for it as there are no units on display.

As reported by Paris, Smashbox Cosmetics is HERE! In KL Pavilion to be precise. Known for their legendary Photofinish primer (which breaks out dimethicone-sensitive me in case you were wondering). No word on the prices and if they're marked-up. I don't know about you ladies, but unless the product is a must-have for me, I try to refuse marked-up goods as a matter of principle. A small amount is acceptable, but over RM10 and they can go hang!

I have unearthed the most ancient bottle of Orly In A Snap ever. Mom's been hoarding it and she just passed it to me. How I wish it was still available in Malaysia! The glossiest, fastest drying, bestest top-coat in the world. You can slap it on and hit the sack without fear of hatchmarks and unless you really abuse your nails it should last you a week chip-free. Topping up's a snap too (pardon the pun). I just ordered a new bottle from the US via eBay, if the new formula is better than the old one, it'll be worth the hassle!


Connie De Alwis said...

the prices for Smashbox aren't too bad. I checked out the Photo finish Lid Primer... USD$20 in Sephora and RM76 in Malaysia

Syen said...

Connie: Oooh... that doesn't sound too bad then! Maybe I'll run by this weekend! =P I STILL haven't been able to check it out. *boo*

prettybeautiful said...

thanks for the guardian updates, will swing by and see whats nice :D

Petra said...

The first Guardian tip was worth foregoing the pictures. :) Eyeing their new face sunscreen. Non greasy to the touch.

~Lisa said...

I want to try Zeno!!! ^-^ Saving up...

And hope the new formula of the top coat is better! Let us know how it goes!