November 10, 2009

NYX Haul: Round THREE!

Hello ladies!

Look what I found sitting in the middle of my porch one fine day last week? (HOW the postman got it over the 6-ft gate in the light shower I shall try not to think about. *shivers* )

Believe it or not (but it's true), I've gone a-hauling again with NYX stuff from Cherry Culture. Again. Well, I was celebrating something (to justify the loot) when I made the online purchase, but for the life of me, I can't remember what I was celebrating now. And besides, they were on sale. Which is still on, by the way.

But it doesn't really matter, does it? On to the haul!

The haul this time round is lip heavy, laden with heaps of lip products I've been meaning to try the previous times but it was always out of stock. And while going clickity-click at Cherry Culture, I noticed that they now had new eye palettes too!

(Top: I Dream of St Marteen. Down: I Dream of Barbados.)

With the good experience I had with my (many, many) trios, I thought I'd give these quints a try. A quick check with MUA also told me what I wanted to hear. These palettes got rave reviews, even if there weren't thaat many reviews. Nevertheless, I wanted them. Good enough a reason? *hehe*

I haven't swatched my palettes (still at the petting and stroking stage), but don't the colours just look so lovely? You can click on it for an even bigger photo of the palettes.

(L-R: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Salmon, Round Lipstick in Indian Pink, Pumpkin Pie and B52. I finally got my hands on them! (Oooh, what glee!) The colours are relatively accurate here, so I won't bother explaining the colours, but I'll describe the finishes. Salmon is very frosty (duh), Indian Pink has shimmer, Pumpkin Pie and B52 have a creamy finish. Ladies, if you like creamy opaque lipsticks, I think NYX Round Lipsticks are made for you. These babies pack on colour like no tomorrow.

Another product I've been meaning to try. NYX Tinted Lip Spa (L-R: Vintage, Sake and Copacabana). They're basically tinted lip balms. They're quite lovely to use, and are quite pigmented too, so the colour will show. My fave of the three is Sake as it's not too bright, and not too light. But I have one slight problem though. No idea if it's just me (or if anyone can help me out here), are they suppose to be so methol-y? They smell menthol-y (and if I can smell it), and even makes my lips tingle, but there's nothing listed in ingredients which I can think of would give this effect. Eh?

And oh, just one other little prob. The base of the lip spa is really soft, so I can only push it out a weeee little bit to apply, and even then it tends to rub at the side of the tube. Which may not bother some, but it bothers the hell outa me. Sheesh.

And oh, I got two Megashine Lipglosses too! Which I forgot to put in the group shot, then got too lazy to do another group shot. =P

In Natural (top) and Perfect (bottom). Natural's a brown-pink with no shimmer, while Perfect is peachy with shimmer. Ooh, Perfect indeed! They apply with a doe-foot applicator and I've detected no tackiness, no stickiness, and they smell uhh.. fruity. It's just lovely!

So yup. The rundown of my haul. And now for the bestest bit. Ready? - Cherry Culture now ships to MALAYSIA. How awesome is THAT?

So, are you gonna haul?


Paris B said...

Woohoo! They ship to Malaysia! But i"ve heard so many bad things about shopping at Cherryculture :P That said, who knows what I'd do during the next sale eh? Great haul

Askmewhats said...

funny how Cherry Culture ships to Malaysia now and stopped shipment to the Philippines! hahaha I love your hauls! i haven't bought anything NYX related recently :)

Connie De Alwis said...

I've personally ordered from CC shipped to the US and both times they left out a product -_- The second time I demanded them to resend the product instead of giving me store credit. The customer service ppl were quite rude!

Nice loot btw ;) I wanted to get the new eyeshadow palettes (10 color) but based on the swatches, the quality seems to be a lil different. So, I ordered the new colors of single shadows instead. B52 is a great color! So is Natural :) Oooh! Perfect looks great! I don't think I ordered that... I ordered Taupe. oh, I hauled from nonpareil boutique :D

beetrice said...

the customer service seriously SUCKS big time...they keep giving store credit, when all I want is my money back! but now you say they ship to msia, I should probably use up that credit of mine before they decide to "tarik balik" instead!

Syen said...

Paris, Connie & Bee (on bad shipping): Yes, Woohoo indeed! I've heard bad things about their shipping too, but thankfully, I've never had problems personally. *cross fingers it never happens*

Nikki: What? They dont ship to Philippines anymore? Oh dear. And thanks! I love them too.

Connie: Yeah, Perfect really does look lovely. But B52 kinda scares me. The colour is just so... much! LOL. I think I need to dab on my lips instead of just swiping it back and forth.

Bee: That would be a good idea. =P

Eli said...

Indian Pink! Petra and I were eyeing it at my local dollar shop but we couldn't find any sealed tubes of it. =/

Sake looks really nice but if it makes your lips tingle, I'll give it a miss.

~Lisa said...

You make me want to haul on cherry culture!! I love all the lipsticks you got, btw! Yay for them getting in stock! ^-^ and for shipping to Malaysia.

I want to get the I Dream of St Marteen palette & the Tinted Lip Spas & the Round lipsticks & the lip glosses!!! LOL

I heard that the Tinted Lip Spas can melt very easily in warm weather so be careful!

Dee said...

My first order from Cherry Culture took about five weeks (to Aus). I did my second order about three weeks ago and am still waiting. Anything else I've ordered from the US has taken two weeks or less, so their service doesn't seem that flash. But a friend of mine who lives in the same city as me orders from them regularly and usually gets her stuff within a fortnight. Weird.

I've read a lot of complaints about them giving store credit rather than refunds, but one of the eyeshadows I ordered was out of stock and they refunded the money to me. I didn't even ask about it, they just did it. Maybe they've listened to everyone's complaints and changed their policy.

Tine said...

My my, that's a big box for that size of makeup. I've never purchased anything from Cherry Culture before. Might give it a try some time.